we will be hosting a 2-3 day mma tourney march 18th,19th & 20th 2011,
In Bennigton Vermont,
we are in need of fighters/teams for this event.

the proceedes will benifit the EBC Therepy center in Berne Ny they help mentally & Physically challenged kids adjust to life through various forms of therepy.

We will be using Amature rules + (ground -n-pound allowed,no elbows) the reason I included the term tough man is I am going to offer $$ "travel money" to the gym or winner of each of the 12 weight classes,

If a weight class has 6 or more fighters the cash prize (expense $$) will be $600, (can have up to 8!)

If there are 5 or less it will be $300!

I am paying the checks to the gym so that your fighters can keep an amature status, unlike the tough man.

the following are the weights
Open class age 17 +
129 &>

White Collar Age 33+ (carreer guys headgear used)
145 &>

We do ask for an entry fee, but the Warrior challenge is a 401 c3 Charitble org. we will send you the forms to raise $$ for yourself & your team, & we even have a plan for you to save anything you raise above the fee for your gyms expenses, team fees include hotel rooms in Bennigton vt.

full brackets will mean 3 fighters per fighters, all winners recive Ambar sports title belts.

also entry fee is tax deductible!

e-mail [email protected] for details

Help us help kids!