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    looking for a little info on...

    Hey everyone,
    Since I'm a kung fu guy, a friend of mine asked me about a "Chuan Chuang Fa" instructor named David M Grago. I didn't recognize the name and all my rsearch just pulls up info he has put out there or paid to be put out there. Anyone out there know if this guy is legit or not?

    There are a few things that rang alarms with me, but I don't want to tell my friend he's just another charlatan without having a bit more info to go on.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Wow this is late but I just signed up as a member. I can give you some information, since the question you asked was about me. Some info is on the website wingpai.com; I have studied Southern Shaolin Chinese Boxing from Sam Wing; Master Andrew Tamper of Canton, OH, GM Mok Poi On (Pao Fa Lien Wing Chun) of Kowloon; GM John Ng - Ng Family Style and GM Norman J Pedelahore, Slidell, LA Lung Shou Pai. I have had other instructors in the past but these are the most relevent for the greatest peiod of time. I am a certified and tested USKSF (Kuoshu Senior Instructor) #S05-012, and GM member of the World Head of the Family Sokeship Council. Ch'uang Chuan Pai is a Boxing system I developed over the past 49 years with a theory of boxing around three sets of gates - and has a relationship to Wing Chun but does not abide but the tight economy of motion principles nor does it favor to a high degree of chain punching. I would be pleased to answer any further questions to:

    [email protected]
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