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    Quote Originally Posted by Petter View Post
    It would probably result in either stupid animosity or nothing very helpful.

    I think the basic argument can probably be summed up something like this. Facts:

    • Judo and BJJ are closely related and share many techniques.
    • Judo places more emphasis on standup, ergo judo throws are more refined, and judoka are better at them. Judo competition offers little time for newaza, ergo judoka tend to favour a fast and aggressive ground game.
    • BJJ places more emphasis on groundwork, ergo BJJ groundwork is more refined, and BJJ practitioners are better at it. BJJ competition does not have much in the way of time restrictions for groundwork, ergo it tends to be more deliberate and technical.
    • BJJ commonly has no-gi training and competition; judo typically does not.

    Thus an argument could probably be made that judo groundwork is more than sufficient to deal with the untrained, while the realities of self defence makes standing up and good throws is a much better strategy than going to the ground.

    The obvious counter to that argument is of course that BJJ takedowns should be more than sufficient to deal with the untrained, while if a real fight does go to the ground it is extremely valuable to be expert at extricating yourself, getting to the top, and getting back up if you so choose.

    The other argument in favour of BJJ is that no-gi instruction is widely available while the same is not true of judo. People who think that no one on “the street” wears clothing suitable for judo grips and throws are justly derided; nonetheless it cannot but be an advantage to train in an art that exposes you to training both with and without such grips.

    You’ll hopefully notice and feel that I have provided advantages for each art without committing myself to a conclusion. I don’t have one to offer; I believe that all the above is true, that both are effective martial arts for self defence. (You may also notice I do both. Badly, mind, especially judo, but still.)

    If I had to vote, I’d probably vote judo, but I wouldn’t do it with much confidence.
    That is exactly what I wanted to know.
    This is probably the best judo/bjj comparison I've seen in terms of comparing all the points others cover, clearly, while keeping the explanation simple and non-biased.

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    As a Judo black belt, BJJ white belt and Muay Thai/ MMA novice...

    Its important to understand that no martial art is going to give you life saving skills in a short period of time. If you're study Judo or BJJ for only 1-2 sessions a week then its going to take you about 5 years to get competent at self defence from those arts.

    However, if you trained Judo or BJJ for 3+ times a week then you would get competent at applying your skillset much faster- say 2-3 years.

    If you trained in both 2 times a week so a total of 4 training sessions then you may progress even faster and gain a usable self-defense skill set quickly although I would stil imagine a 1-2 year minimum.

    Key components of self defense are not being a dick, not being in dodgy areas, not pissing off the wrong people, talking people down and learning when to walk away even if your ego is screaming at you to deck the guy.

    The vast majority of people live their entire lives with only very few and sporadic threats of physical violence whilst out and about on their daily or night time activities. The notion spun by the self-defense industry and tabloids of streets bathed in blood is nonsense and your average citizen leading a law abiding lifestyle has really very little to be afraid of.

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    THe whole point of a throw should be to get your center lower than your opponants. You need the leverage to execute a throw, so being smaller will be advantageous. If you can't throw him because he is too big or much stronger, try distracting him first with another technique.

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