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    I created my account on here just for this review. If there was ever a case of bullshido it is advantage Jiujitsu. Orlando Waugh is a legit Carlos Machado black belt; however, he charges insane prices and sells belts. There are 7 belts between white and blue belt. Each one requires 20 classes, drilling a few moves, and a check for $50. They keep track with an attendance card. Blue belt requires 40 classes! An additional 80 will land you a purple belt. 80 more = brown belt. Finally, 80-100 more classes gives you a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!

    I started my training there 6 months ago, and in that time these requirements were instated. I was paying $200 a month for unlimited mat time; however, Orlando got rid of the amazing Judo instructor and his 2 classes, as well as 2 day classes I attended. Now, he offers a "leadership class" instead to those of us paying the full $200. This entailed info on how to run a martial arts school etc. Anyone joining is pressured into a 3 year contract with the promise of a black belt.I asked the legit purple doing the pitch why he was not a black belt since he had trained for 4 years..he didn't have a good answer.

    I want my blue belt to mean something when I earn it. Had I known then what I do now, I'd have seen the signs pointed out by members of this site. I only hope I can get out of the contract and find a respectable school to continue my training. This school is 100% Mcdojo. There is even a separate belt system for his "family martial arts" program. The instruction is good; however, I firmly believe that the head instructor is more interested in profit than the integrity of Brazilian JiuJitsu. The legit blacks, browns, and purples that train there do not say anything; however, I think somebody has to. I believe the bullshido community can accept that. I did enjoy the training and think Mr. Waugh is a talented and caring instructor. I bear no ill will or animosity to the school. I wish them all the best of luck.

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    good review. Seems like good instruction tainted by a faulty belt system due to mcdojoness.

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    Fair and respectul comments. However, I would like to clarify a few things as a current, humble, and grateful student.

    While the $200 is correct, the billing is slightly different than my previous school ($125/mo) of a legit UFC contender. Professor Waugh "finances" your training to Black Belt. Therefor, should you get injured or just need to take time off, you haven't lost anything other than mat time. Unlike most schools or gyms, if you don't go, you've basically paid for nothing.

    In regards to Professor Waugh's belt system, i.e. ranking and progression, it is also completely different than my previous school...for the better. I spent a year and half as a white belt at my previous school, rolling with only white belts, beating every white belt (we were not allowed to role with advanced belts)...every day...without any clue on how and when I would get my blue belt. (at the time the school didn't recognize the modern belt system). Honestly, I don't even know how, or if, the school tracked our attendance and/or progression.

    Advantage Jiu Jitsu is not an avenue to the UFC. Advantage Jiu Jitsu is a martial arts school, it's a life learning center, and a family. While some schools might place a great significance on "our black belts are better than your black belts" it just not an attitude or philosphy of our school. Simple truth is if you put in the mat time....your going to get better.

    At the end of the day, every martial arts school is a business. They have to make money. I personally don't have any problems paying for my belts.

    Choosing (or not choosing) Advantage Jiu Jitsu is no different than any other financial decision made regarding a "service", there is more than goes in to the decision than the just the $$$.

    I respect your comments and opinion and hope you still train.


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