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    Does anyone know about David Ross?

    I was wondering if anyone from BS knows about David Ross, the self proclaimed King of San Da USA. I would just like to get some opinions on him. I am in New York City and was thinking about training San Da at his school. NOT!

    he is very well known on another forum and I am curious to see how far his reputation preceeds him.

    I actually trained at his place for quite a long time and have a lot of inside knowledge of his operation. I know he trolls this and about a dozen other forums, and I am not trying to start a flame war. but if any school ever qualified as a McDojo, it would be New York San Da Gym. and I'll happy to tell anyone interested more about it, since this seems to be the purpose of this forum.

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    what is his website??

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    Quote Originally Posted by drdoom
    I was wondering if anyone from BS knows about David Ross, the self proclaimed King of San Da USA. I would just like to get some opinions on him. I am in New York City and was thinking about training San Da at his school. NOT!
    David's MA skills, lineage and knowledge are real ... what he teaches ... I have no idea. You might want to consider that in NYC even a bottle of water is expensive ... the guy has a commercial enterprise to run.

    Given the number of total waste products running around operating schools for fat assed bored housewives I think it's less than fair to demonize David or Steve.

    They follow the Old School ways of "outside the door" and "inside the door" so it might just be a matter of "asking" properly.

    Try approaching him about his Tibetan Lama Pai and see if that gets you something you can appreciate. If you see David or Steve, kindly tell them John Springer says "Hello."

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    I've heard his school turns out winning fighters.

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    I guess what I was trying to say is that if ever there was a definition of Bullshido, it's this guy. no offense to you guys, but I know firsthand. there are very few fighters who were ever on this Team that would say they didn't train each other. it's true. I have a beef with him. but that's because he's a fraud and a cheat. this is what some forum members from another site think of him;
    Some other forum members opinions about Ross...

    From: hackett
    Date: 04-Jan-04 06:22 PM
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    Well, that's about how it went down.
    What bothers me about it all is that Ross is supposed to be a teacher. Honestly, if he had just apologized and said "OK, I've been acting a little nuts here", then I don't think he would be regarded a joke. But, under the circumtances you have to say he made his own bed and he'll have to sleep in it.

    The name of the thread was "Bruce Lee, the myth".

    From: tedfornes
    Date: 04-Jan-04 06:45 PM
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    Seafood Ross is a pathetic trash-talking coward who revealed his true colors after he challenged another forum member and then backed down after he found out the guy wasn't just a computer warrior, but a real martial artist with skills.
    There's the condensed version.

    From: hubris
    Date: 04-Jan-04 07:34 PM
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    From: lkfmdc Date: 30-Oct-03 04:52 PM Member Since: 01-Jan-01 2406 Total Posts
    phatboy, dude you are full of ****. Like how you talk about how you train all the time with David Rudman and guys who train there say you haven't been seen there in MONTHS. Don't talk **** because I know EXACTLY who you are and how PATHETIC YOU ARE.

    Like how you said that Rudman was ALWAYS there and then posted on the Judo forum "we won't have an answer until Rudman returns from Russia" LMFAO

    Considering I trained guys who have tapped your ass, you're talking pretty fucking big. And you DO know who I am talking about.

    Chau's AKA fighthouse isn't so far away so come on down anytime you want. Then someone with a NAME can come down and we can verify the result, not some boooll shhheeeet about how you "know someone" who trained "ONCE" blah blah. Notice no names are mentioned or facts as to when...

    How does it feel paying big money to train with Rudman and having his 18 year old son run the classes instead?

    And calling me fat? Dude, I actually have a picture of you, I can scan it and put it up...

    From: yojimbo71
    Date: 04-Jan-04 09:40 PM
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    Ross talked a lot of smack, degraded people, called out people, and went so far to personally attack a few members. When phatboy called him on it, he backpeddaled. In short, he is a fat piece of ****.


    From: Kakkarotto_san
    Date: 05-Jan-04 10:15 AM
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    TTT for a new argument with Seafood Ross!!!
    Maybe we can get another internet challenge out of this one....

    From: New World Samurai
    Date: 05-Jan-04 10:48 AM
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    [shakes head at Ross continuing to make things worse than they need to be]

    From: yojimbo71
    Date: 05-Jan-04 00:56 PM
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    "I had the "nerve" to point out that Bruce Lee wasn't god, people went ape sh^t and phatboy jumped in. If you read the thread, it will take you years, you will find that at first phatboy claimed he knew all sorts of stuff about me, even at one point claiming to personally know me. Then he retracted all that..."
    You are a delusional piece of ****. You started by calling out phatboy and saying YOU knew HIM first and making derogatory remarks. I can't believe fucks like you really exist in the world. This has nothing to do with your Bruce Lee opinions, but the way you handle yourself and respond to people. You are getting what your gave.

    From: andre
    Date: 05-Jan-04 02:05 PM
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    In my opinion, Sifu Ross is as legit as they come in the arts he teaches. I have NO doubt about his knowledge and skill.
    However, he often comes across as arrogant and argumentative when it isn't warranted. In the case of the thread in question, it backfired on him and I think he handled it badly. If he never intended to fight, he shouldnt have made the challenge.

    From: spinfamous
    Date: 05-Jan-04 07:42 PM
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    there you go again... actually i have met you. i took one of your san shou classes a year ago. i then tried a class at the nykk gym downtown and liked the instructors and atmosphere there better and trained mostly under richard acosta for 3 months before moving out of new york. the uptown and downtown nykk gyms feel like 2 totally different schools. it wasn't until i left that i witnessed your know-it-all behavior on this forum. knowing that now, you're just not the kind of person i would want to train under or be associated with. if i had known earlier, i would have taken my business elsewhere. i heard other negative things from people who knew you, but i won't talk about specifics on this forum. i have no personal agenda to contribute to the tarnishing of your reputation. you seem to be an expert of doing that to yourself.

    i apologize for making the "no ****" comment earlier. that was a cheap shot. however, you should really try and read some of your posts from a 3rd person perspective. you come across as an annoyingly arrogant know-it-all. also, for someone who trains hundreds of students and who legitimately coaches legit fighters, i've never seen any of those students or fighters jump to your defense or take offense at the insults on their sifu. teachers should not be boastful. good ones let their teachings and reputation speak for them. you won't ever see renzo, coban, rudman or even your nykk partners putting down other arts/martial artists or schools.

    From: 70s Bush
    Date: 05-Jan-04 04:56 PM
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    95% of this place didnt care you thought Bruce was no good.
    we all just laughed at you for the constate berating and attacking of pretty much every froum member on that thread for who knows what reason.

    you called out everyone with a billybadass attitude and just kept pushing till phatboy agreed, then you completely backed out after your friend told you he was gonna kill you.

    it was funny. it still is.

    From: Karl
    Date: 05-Jan-04 07:53 PM
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    Ross = lkmdfc?
    Ahhhhh. Now the controversy is explained.

    From: ShinobiApollo
    Date: 05-Jan-04 08:56 PM
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    lol again @ Father Ross.

    From: yojimbo71
    Date: 06-Jan-04 04:43 PM
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    "The reality is, I speak my mind and I am not afraid to attack ideas/legends that others hold "dear", I don't care for such sacred icons."
    Actually the reality is you are a loudmouth blowhard with no respect for others. Incidentally you are also a tubby piece of ****.

    good day.

    From: gokartmozart
    Date: 07-Jan-04 08:37 PM
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    Seafood, listen are a fat piece of ****.

    From: Mach5
    Date: 08-Jan-04 04:18 PM
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    If those pictures are really "The Sifu" he should challenge himself to only visit the donut shop once a week.

    From: 5 o clock shadow
    Date: 08-Jan-04 11:18 PM
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    I met Mr. Ross back in '97 when I was just getting started in MMA. We were all chatting on Mousel's forum and he let me come down to his studio and train free of charge. At that point in time, I knew nothing about the sport and he gave me some basic advice on my heel-hold. At that time, his students were beginners as well, although there were a few guys that seemed to have really good standup. All and all, he seemed like a good guy.
    In the years that have passed, I went on to meet Tony Cecchine and he helped get me started for real in my MMA training. During that time, I have also seen Mr. Ross make it a point to bash Cecchine and engage in petty character assasination tactics on the former catchwrestling forum (RIP). I feel that Mr. Ross played a big role in running Cecchine out of here and closing down the catch forum.

    I have also sat on the sidelines of numerous internet battles between Mr. Ross and countless others. He has been insulting, condescending, and at times, outright obnoxious. The most recent thread about Bruce Lee, and his comments about skinny Chinese guys, weak Chinese guys, tiny Chinese guys, Asian inferiority complexes, etc, really make me wonder about whether he really respects the Chinese MEN who created his art. His comments smack of covert racism and tired stereotypes about Asian men.

    Overall, I still don't know what to think of Mr. Ross. In person he seemed nothing like his internet personality. He has coached a lot of accomplished fighters, but that doesn't necessarily make him a good guy.

    Some people say that the internet is like alocohol. It causes people to abandon civility and their real personalities come out. As for Mr. Ross, I still dunno. I will check in for his veiws on san da and san shou, but I don't think I will be taking any internet etiquette lessons from him.


    From: Bob Henry
    Date: 12/11/04 01:23 PM
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    Last edited:11-Dec-04 01:37 PM

    Sifu Ross is an arrogant prick. I hope this blacktaoist guy kicked his ass.


    From: whitebeltsenior
    Date: 01/22/05 06:22 AM
    Member Since: 07/02/2002
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    "Sifu" Ross is a typical TMA guy from the 80's... a mixed bag.
    He's clearly a victim of his mouth and outrageous claims about his past, specifically his fighting experience. He is also very knowledgeable and accomplished as a coach and an author.

    His past "fights" not only can not be documented, but are subject of suspicion and ridicule even among the Kung-Fu, satin wearing, sword toting, form hound set. I've met some of his former training partners who take the high ground and when asked about his abilities stated "He writes good articles".

    There are many boxing coaches who never fought and have the respect of their peers, unfortunately Mr. Ross wants to be known as a fighter and runs his mouth. He also frequently engages in adolescent flame wars with members of this online community and often makes the teenagers in here seem like Nobel Prize winning intellects.

    From: striker18
    Date: 01/22/05 02:55 PM
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    I remember how Sifu Ross would challenge anyone and everyone to come fight him at his school who didn't agree with him on a subject, thinking anyone who could possibly disagree with him was a teenage kid living in his parent's basement. He got increasingly more annoying and his tough guy act got even tougher until he ran into Phatboy. He challenged phatboy to a fight after Phatboy disagreed with him on Sifu Ross trashing Bruce Lee.
    Phatboy accepted and Sifu Ross was still very cocky. However, friends of Sifu Ross called him up and told him how bad he was going to get hurt by Phatboy, so Sifu Ross all of a sudden decided internet challenge matches were immature and called it off.

    Actually, since then, Sifu Ross hasn't been that bad, so I want to thank Phatboy for the service he provided in humbling Sifu Ross.

    From: FletchMonster
    Date: 02/01/05 05:30 PM
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    ross has the look of a killer..... a killer of many twinkees.

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    This is just a bunch of trashtalk. WHY is he bullshido would be a better question.

    He may have a big mouth but that doesn't make him bullshido. Heck, 80% of this board are big mouths.

    And who is this phatboy?

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    In case anyone's wondering this guy is named Mark Negron and he got kicked out of Ross Sifu school for starting stupid crap. He is posting here I guess because he also got kicked off for trying to sell illegal pirate copies of Ross video tape. For a guy he hated he was gonna make dime off him

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    Here we go again.

    Someone registers for the sole purpose of talking ****, then other people register for the sole purpose of countering the guy. Regular members are clueless as to what is going on.



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    Here's some information on David Ross and his teacher:

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    I agree John Springer's (JFSUSA) comments, and would add that David is probably the worlds foremost authority (of his generation) on Lama-Pai (and the various branches thereof). Successs draws out bitterness from resentful people, and forums often get abused as toilet walls. I've no doubt that David will continue as a beacon of TCMA - in memory of his late Teacher, and that his San-Da team will likewise go on to many future succeses.

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