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    Miyama Ryu JuJitsu

    Hello all! I'm looking for some info on Miyama Ryu JuJitsu.

    The college I'm at offers several MA classes, and it looks like the jujitsu class is taught by an instructor at this school:

    www miyamaryumidwest com (forum won't let me post a link yet...)

    I am a beginner to MA, looking for self defense skills and fitness, not sport fighting competitions.

    How does Miyama Ryu compare with Judo/BJJ? Is this school legit or should I look elsewhere?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucky_Loki View Post
    Hello all! I'm looking for some info on Miyama Ryu JuJitsu.
    The website doesn't throw up any particular red flags for me - looks like fairly run of the mill JJJ.

    There are several threads here about Miyama jujitsu, if memory serves, so you might want to take a look through them.

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    The judo place I used to train at also had miyama ryu classes. I don't know if its indicative of the art as a whole, or if the club was an abberation cause the judo and miyama ryu instructors were one and the same., but the classes I attended were very much alive(mostly say 8 on scale of 10) and very much no nonsense.

    That being said, although you are not lookin for "sport fighting", out of the two, I would still take the judo.

    If this is your only option as far as martial arts classes, I would attend a class and see how compliant they are during their training. If they train noncompliant and alive, I think its an excellent art to learn. If they are doing slow lunging knife stabs, you'd be better off looking elsewhere.
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