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    Advice for a tiny female fighter

    Evening all, as you can see I am the latest victim of this site, LOL. Joined because for the love of god I can't seem to find any other MA online forum which is still active >.>

    Anyway just a bit of background: I had never done any MA before but earlier this year a GKR rep passed by my house and offered a trial membership. Yeah yeah I know it gets all the hate, but as a beginner it did make me get off my lazy arse and actually do something.

    Anyway after around 12 or so classes now I find that the style is just so... soft. Maybe it's beginner's level but I find that even if the theory is fairly sound for basic defence I feel like it needs more contact to be an effective lesson. My sensei is great though and had lots of practical advice for street situation, but the atmosphere and lack of skill in the higher belt students I find... disturbing. You shouldn't be in yellow belt if you can't do the basic punches and blocks at least -_-;;

    Which brings me to now. I want to find another style that's way more focused into self-defence. I prefer traditional style arts and I thought karate (and it's billion forms) were the best fit since I am a tiny tiny person (5'1") as styles that need long reach or grappling fairly hard IMO. There's plenty of commando-style courses around but I want to make it a progressive thing hence the traditional form with all the ranks (I prefer to call them milestones) entailed. Though do recommend anything that might help. I don't intend to compete either.

    So, any experts or other (tiny) gentlemen and ladies had the same problem and can shed some light? Glad for any help you guys can provide :)

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    We typically recommend Judo. I have personally been cleanly thrown with my feet above my head by a 110 lb female Judoka, and I'm a halfway decent wrestler. Full disclosure, she was a third degree black belt.

    Hitting someone with the planet is a very effective form of self defense.

    Boxing and Kickboxing are also excellent martial arts that teach no nonsense self defense skills, although I realize they are not traditional Eastern martial arts. They are however, traditional western martial arts.
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    My brain isn't fully working yet this morning; what's GKR?

    As for style advice, we nearly always recommend Judo to start. It's cheap, widely available, and teaches you up front how not to get hurt while training with the amount of intensity that will actually prepare you for a real self defense situation.

    And especially with you being smaller, learning mastery of leverage and a realistic understanding of how to employ it against larger opponents, will be essential.

    Also, if you're looking to learn something for self defense because you believe you have a specific threat you need to counter, learn how to operate a firearm and get your concealed carry permit.

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    Haha, JNP Judo-Sniped me.

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    Welcome to Bullshido. In order for the advice you get here to be accurate, you probably need to outline your ultimate goals. A lot of styles and systems are 'focused on self-defense'; are you wanting to learn so that you can teach, fight amateur, fight pro, be able to defend yourself, or just to be more well-rounded?

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    I would suggest Judo. My wife has a very petite frame, doctor has actually told her she needs to gain weight, she really enjoys Judo and when she gets it right, it is very effective for her. More importantly, as has been stated, it depends a lot on where your goals and interests lie.

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    Does the original poster live in a location where she can legally possess firearms?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Velnica View Post
    Anyway just a bit of background: I had never done any MA before but earlier this year a GKR rep passed by my house and offered a trial membership. Yeah yeah I know it gets all the hate, but as a beginner it did make me get off my lazy arse and actually do something
    GKR? As in Go Kan Ryu Karate...???

    Quote Originally Posted by Phrost View Post
    My brain isn't fully working yet this morning; what's GKR?
    I'll pass you on to the threads started here. Alot of info was gathered by our old mate Sochin.

    TL;DR version - GKR (Assuming it's the same one) is Bullshit of the highest order! It's a pyramid scheme! All you are learning there is how to propagate further bullshit and delusion!


    Leave now!

    I cannot stress this enough!

    Go and find the nearest Judo dojo and don't look back!

    If Self defence is your goal and you live in a country that doesn't allow you to carry firearms, may I suggest you pick up a couple of books by Geoff Thompson as well. That should give you an insight into situational awareness. Start doing some regular cardio too!

    Have you left yet....? If not, why the hell not??

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    Many threads on this site about the importance of of "liveness" in practice, that address the too soft issue. Read up on them and you should learn what to look for when trying out new schools.

    As has been said: Judo. And you'd best believe it. I'm over six feet tall and female Judokas your size have never had any trouble throwing me around like a ragdoll. Judo and BJJ both emphasize leverage, and are great arts for teaching the small to beat the bigger folks through technique, not strength. But Judo is much, much cheaper than BJJ.

    Kyokushin karate is cheap like Judo, though (at least around here anyways) much harder to find. It's a solid art, and any real Kyokushin school is going to be anything but soft.
    Boxing and kickboxing also great for women, intense workouts, and you'll learn to go hard. But of course you said you still wanted that Eastern feel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam Browning View Post
    Does the original poster live in a location where she can legally possess firearms?
    Aiyo, chill out John Wayne Matlock.

    Though I guess being 5'1'' is going to make it difficult to fight effectively if self defense is the only goal.

    Judo what you gotta do. I don't see you knocking out a ************. Although I would recommend BJJ to you, because I've been choked out by a ************ under 5 feet once. Also, it's pretty good at dealing with people trying to hold you down.
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