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    Well I need some help here, Head Instructor Alberto Luis Ferreira Dias claims to be a 3rd Degree Black belt under Carlos Valente. AS well as affilllation with Black House Miramar Ca Iv seen the pics of him rolling with them but things nver add up. The few people from brazil i know say he left brazil a purple belt and landed a brown belt in Seattle, Wa then I cant seem to find who gave him his black Claims Ralph Gracie gave it to him. While i trained ther for 4 months (white belt) his school seemed to be a revolving door of students with multiple reasons way they left. I cant even find him on google not joking. I know Carlos Valente gave him his 3rd degree with strings attached. but between Brown and 2nd degree black is always a differnt story.
    We wnet to the first Gi compatition we regestered under another school, and he didnt know the rules WTH? If any one can shed light on that time between purple and 2nd degree black pls pass it on.

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    Did you contact Ralph Gracie about whether or not, he gave him his black belt?

    You say that Carlos Valente gave him his 3rd with "strings attached"? Care to elaborate how you know this and can you back it up with e-mails or recordings?

    Did you contact Black House about your concerns and ask them?

    You need to do a bit more leg work before you start your thread. Get some evidence together and present it. The members here are not going to do all of the work for you.

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    Hi... I want to know that what sort of addiction is it.. Does it harm to the body too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayoposas View Post
    Hi... I want to know that what sort of addiction is it.. Does it harm to the body too
    Is that a rhetorical question? If not, Cage Addiction Temecula Ca.


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