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    Sambo/CATCH DVD - Koepfer/Iatskevich

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    The American Sambo Association and International Submission Wrestling Alliance are proud to announce the launch of our joint 3 DVD instructional set! This 3 disk instructional series includes over 80 CATCH and Sambo techniques, throws, counters, and more. Filmed at our 2009 CATCH/Sambo training camp in Montreal, Canada, Kris Iatskevich and Stephen Koepfer take viewers through every stage of engagement from clinch to submission, gi and no-gi!

    This 3 DVD set includes:
    Disk One: CATCH Wrestling with Coach Kris Iatskevich
    Disk Two: SAMBO with Master of Sport Stephen Koepfer
    Disk Three: Koepfer and Iatskevich comparative techniques and methodologies

    Order your copy today at www.catchwrestlingcanada.com, www.budovideos.com, or dropping by NY Combat Sambo if in NYC. To order one from the ASA, e-mail [email protected]

    Disk 1
    1-Catch Intro
    2-Hindu Squats
    3-Hindu Pushups
    4-Neck & Bridge Exercises
    5-Sit Out Drills
    6-From All 4-Details & Reversal
    7-From All 4-Details & Reversal2
    8-Counter attack to Reversal 2
    9-From All 4-Reversal 3-Protecting Neck
    10-From All 4 Turning into Double Wrist Lock & Keylock
    12-Short Arm Scissors
    13-Yvon Robert's Rolling Short Arm Scissor
    14-Bait from Bottom to Arm Crush
    15-Single Leg Ride-Turnover into Pin & Neck Crank
    16-SLR-Turnover 2 into Pin & Subs
    17-SLR-using Spiral Ride into Rear Naked Choke & back into SLR
    18-SLR-Bob Langevin's Reversal in to Mount & Subs
    19-SLR-Falling off into Subs
    20-Calf Crusher-Break positions & Submit
    21-Ball & Chain Ride-Principles-Toe Holds
    22-Ball & Chain Ride-Subs when Toe Hold Countered
    23-Toe Holds against All 4
    24-SLR Defenses
    25-SLR Defense & variant for 2 Hook Back Control
    26-SLR & 2 Hooks Defense 2
    27-Double Hooked-Protecting your Neck
    28-Rear Naked Choke Escape 1
    29-Rear Naked Choke Escape 2
    30-Double Hook Defense 2
    31-SLR Defense-Against Banana split Pin-Sub attempt
    32-Escape & ToeHold under Sidemount

    Disk 2
    1-Intro, sambo warm ups
    2-Forward rolling, drills & principles
    3-Reversal attack against a hip throw
    4-Reversal attack against front trip
    5-Defense foot sweeps, principle of move
    6-Forward rolling: keep going, Keep fighting
    7-Stopping the momentum of a throw to keep the top position
    8-Foot sweep counter attacks
    9-Choke/throw combinations
    10-Over the back belt grip
    11-Over the back belt grip to snap down
    12-Experiment/improvise/be flexible/go with the flow
    13-Sambo transitions/finishing
    14-Over the back belt grip, foot sweep w/hard crash landing
    15-Opposit lapel grip, sacrificial front trip
    16-More grips + no-gi entries for above
    17-Sacrificial back trip
    18-2on1 grip to pancake and back trip
    19-Details on control in fireman to ankle lock
    20-Rolling kneebar (+ details on same into ankle lock and slicer)
    21-From scissor - ankle lock (also as counter to single leg)
    22-From scissor - side roll into ankle lace
    23-Duck under into heel hook
    24-From half-mount - rolling leg attacks
    25-Half-mount-sit around into kneebar
    26-Attacking turtle-rolling into crucifix control & choke
    27-Suitcase choke against turtle
    28-More attacking turtle

    Disk 3
    1-Under Half Mount
    2-Whizzer Defense
    3-Under Half Mount
    4-Opening Armbar Defense
    5-Indian Death Lock from Half Mount
    6-IDL from Head & Arm
    7-Counterattack against Back Control
    8-Head & Arm is Submission#1
    9-Ribs Compression against Turtle
    10-Half Nelson & Bottle Opener against Turtle
    11-NY Combat Sambo's Basic 4 Leg Attack Positions
    12-Knee Crush from inside Guard
    13-Knee Crush from Standing inside Guard
    14-Defending Single Leg Grab
    15-Shin Locks
    16-Jacket-NoJacket RNC Countering
    17-Crooked Head Scissor-Neck Crank from Short Arm Scissor
    18-Body Scissor
    19-Avoiding the Guard
    20-Getting away from Opponent in Guard
    21-Countering the Guillotine
    22-Palm Up Principle as Counter tool
    23-More Guard Countering
    24-Stand Up Grappling,2on1-Arm Drag-Etc
    25-Grappling & Striking

    Thanks to this reviewer on Budovideos.com

    Author: Brandon McCleese
    Rating: 5 stars
    I really can't express what a good deal this dvd set is for the price. I would have payed more than double and still felt satisfied with the amount, and quality of the material.

    Some thoughts...
    Disk 1 has a lot of what I had already seen before on Billy Robinsons W.A.R. DVD, along with some extra insight on moves as well as some moves fresh to my eyes. Also a mentionable more amount of moves from the back than I have seen in other Catch as Catch Can instructionals.

    Disk 2 Has great insights on the throws and a in depth look at rolling tight for attacking, and countering. Almost all the throws were shown in gi (Kurtka), a few with nogi adjustments. Also this video contains more counters to throws than Ive seen in any Sambo (or judo) instructional I have watched this far.

    Disk 3 Genius. A calibration between two coaches showing their techniques to deal with each topic scenario.

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    ORLY? :P

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    Budo Videos link

    I will be buying this as soon as possible.

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    Looks like some great stuff and Budo has good it for a damned good price. I think I will be adding this to the library soon but I would enjoy hearing some reviews. Has anyone else got this series yet?

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    so no UK distributors yet?
    "The hero and the coward both feel the same thing, but the hero projects his fear onto his opponent while the coward runs. 'Fear'. It's the same thing, but it's what you do with it that matters". - Cus D'Amato

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    Quote Originally Posted by MMAMickey View Post
    so no UK distributors yet?
    Budo videos will ship to the UK. If not, I will. Drop me a PM.

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    I picked this up over the weekend. I haven't drilled all the sequences yet. I like the way it is put together but I don't have enough exposure to it to give a full review.


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