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Thread: Hideki Frazier

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    This guy is a fraud who bought his belt. NO ONE in the BJJ world in southern California who knows him has any respect for him. Joe M. gave out a number of highly questionable Black Belts when he first got here: Frazier, John DelaO, Ray Cota and a few others.

    Hediki has EXTREMELY low skill level. Not even sure if he actually trains anymore, but he has a program to affiliate people over the internet.

    Look into him yourself.

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    Frazier is REAL and knows his stuff!!!!

    that's funny that this is said about Frazier, i have known him for years and he is TOTALLY REAL and AUTHENTIC!

    i remember one day he and a few of his students came to our school and rolled! He sparred with us and he held his own against kenny kellenburger, who is a black belt and one of the first MMA fighters, they rolled for about 10-15 minutes and there was no tap-out, they rolled great! He also rolled with Daniel Darrow who at the time was a brown belt and now a black belt, they as well rolled and Frazier held his own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PCH View Post
    Hediki has EXTREMELY low skill level. Not even sure if he actually trains anymore, but he has a program to affiliate people over the internet.
    As in this? It's a little unclear on exactly what is required to gain rank:

    Quote Originally Posted by ACAF Submission Grappling
    Now you can learn the system as taught by Professor Hideki Frazier, 4th Degree Black Belt.

    The program is an association of schools joined for the mutual promotion of Grappling.

    The aim of the program is to promote opportunities for grapplers to train and compete openly regardless of their organization, allegiance, or association. If you are looking for a fly by night diploma or belt mill that will promote you without work, you have come to the wrong place. We are serious about our integrity and putting in mat time is the only way you will get rank from us.

    Your first step towards certification is to become a member of our program and start training through the curriculum. People from all over the world are able to learn realistic self defense training thanks to the ACAF distance learning program. They receive the training information on video and can also test via video so we can check on their progress and give them feedback.

    We have different levels of memberships that you can choose from.

    Schools that have purchased the Grappling curriculum have their instructors become certified for each level to add credibility to their program, and to appear on our list of affiliated schools.

    Additionally, many instructors have expressed a desire to hold legitimate ranking specifically in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This is possible through Professor Hideki Frazier.

    Instructors can test for each of the levels of the curriculum in order, which also correspond to belt ranking in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Instructors must understand the details of the techniques in each level and be able to execute them competently. We will conduct review workshops with instructors prior to testing to insure that instructors possess all the skills necessary to succeed.

    Regardless of whether instructors intend to become officially certified or not, all schools that have purchased the grappling curriculum have immediate and unlimited access for questions and coaching of any type via e-mail and phone with Professor Frazier and Jim Mahan.

    Certified instructors will be listed in order of certification level on the ACAF website and will also be credited for the corresponding belt ranking in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Professor Frazier.

    The program is designed to provide a concise step-by-step methodology for those wanting to introduce a grappling program into their school. We provide the very best foundation for the development of expert-level grappling skills via our series of tapes and instructional manuals.

    Our program is not just a collection of positions, locks and holds that one can only dream of applying against an aggressive, non-compliant opponent. Our program is viable and growing.

    The program consists of DVD volumes and manuals that include not only detailed instruction on each technique and skill-set, but emphasize ‘key points’ and ‘teaching tips’. The program as shown on the DVDs, corresponds exactly to the content of the manuals, allowing the instructor to carry the manual as a portable reference/guide.

    (Participating Schools)

    Long Distance training program: $200/year (about $16 a month!)

    This program is directed towards students that are unable to train with an instructor in their local area. This option is a supplement to your current training regimen and is not meant to replace complete training under an instructor’s steady eye.


    * Training manual: contains techniques lists and descriptions of techniques.
    * Submission Grappling / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructional DVD: Use the most effective way to train away from the school. Learn the techniques, training drills and exercises and innovative training methodologies to improve your skills. You will also learn how to use the training logbook and periodic skills tests included in the manual. (sold separately)
    * Phone and email support: Call or email anytime you need assistance. Where else can you find an instructor who will let you do that?
    * Training T-shirt

    Student Association training program: $250/year (about $21 a month!)

    This program is for students who want to learn submission grappling or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and who do not have qualified instructors in their area. Student Associates will are eligible for legitimate BJJ belt promotions and rank certificates. Student associates are required to maintain ties with the association by attending seminars, group intensive training, or private lessons.


    * Belt requirements for stripe and belt tests.
    * Online training (COMING SOON!!!).
    * Training manual.
    * Instructional DVDs.
    * Bi-annual skill video evaluation: send us a video of your technical and sparring performance and be evaluated on your strengths and weaknesses, with possible stripe and belt promotion.
    * 10% discount on associated merchandise and products.
    * Phone and email support.

    Certification Procedures:

    The primary purpose of the Submission Grappling / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program is to provide the highest quality of functional street self-defense training to people the world over. In order to accomplish this, we need to have high quality instructors. We have developed a certification process that will make the process of teaching and training quicker and easier, while assuring that each person that becomes an instructor is very capable. If someone has been certified by ACAF, you can rest assured that this person has been tested thoroughly.

    Assistant Instructor:

    submission grappling instructor level 1 / blue belt BJJ (if they want)
    submission grappling instructor level 2 / blue belt BJJ with stripes


    submission grappling instructor level 3 / purple belt BJJ
    submission grappling instructor level 4 / purple belt BJJ with stripes

    Advanced Instructor:

    submission grappling instructor level 5 / brown belt BJJ
    submission grappling instructor level 6 / brown belt BJJ with stripes

    Full Instructor:

    submission grappling instructor level 7 / black belt BJJ
    There have been several discussions of Hideki Frazier (occasionally misspelled as 'Hediki Frazier') over on The Underground. The clearest story I've seen so far is from somebody posting in this thread as 'Slapsymaxi', who makes the following claim:

    Quote Originally Posted by Slapsymaxi, 22nd July 2007, 03:50
    Now that I'm on the East Coast, and not affiliated with Joe Moreira (sp?) in any way, I can give the story as I heard it...

    Frazier, Ray Cota, and a couple others (Greg Lee? 'master kim'?) were all training with John DeLaO at the time. I think they were brown belts, Joe called them up and offered them blackbelts if they joined his new association.

    Ray was my teacher, and claimed he told Joe he wanted to earn it, and kept training with Joe. Frazier supposed took the blackbelt and ran.

    Now, keep in mind that Joe has some very legit people under him, but he does have a strange promotional set-up. I guess he gives degrees on a set schedule, and it was implied with a certain amount given to the association.

    Ray's a good guy, and like I said, he actually kept training with Joe. His rank seems a little high, but Joe himself gave it to him. I'd assume Frazier rank comes directly from Joe as well.
    He has also recently been discussed in this thread. The well-known poster and BJJ black belt 'shen' had this to say:

    Quote Originally Posted by shen, 20th January 2010, 22:48
    I just called the man who is probably Joe Moreira's HIGHEST RANKED AMERICAN BLACK BELT (no, not Roy Harris[who IS legit]) but 4th Degree Black Belt Hideki Frazier.

    Didn't get to talk to Prof. Frazier, but I got to confirm with one of the instructors what I remember from going to visit his school many years ago.

    Namely, Prof Frazier does not teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

    Yes, except, and I quote: "Well, except for mixing some techniques into the Tae Kwon Do Classes".

    Yes, possibly THE highest Ranked American in BJJ (certainly very close to the top) just mixes a little BJJ with his TKD. He also mixes in material from George Dillman Pressure Point Karate system. --However MOST classes offered at Frazier Martial Arts are for Kids or are Tae Bo, which they are quick to mention if you bring up the topic of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.No, this is not a joke. Hideki Frazier's school is on Whittier Blvd. in La, Habra, CA and he has opened a second location on Tustin, in Orange, CA. He no longer appears to have a website, but years ago I posted it here, as it was pretty damn funny.

    You see, when the BJJ boom hit, this McDojo owner wanted to cash in on the craze. So he was got a Black Belt in BJJ from Joe Moreira -- let's just say faster than B.J. Penn.

    But, as we know, BJJ in NOT like other TMAs; you are expected to be able to "prove it". From all account Hideki's skills were sub-Blue Belt.

    So from what I gather, Hideki withdrew advertising that he was a BJJ Black Belt/ BJJ school, right around the time --and I am estimating time here-- this may have happened oh right around the time, say CARLSON GRACIE OPENED HIS SCHOOL a few blocks away.

    Yep, probably right around then.

    Imagine being a McDojo owner who just wanted to cash in with the "latest fad in Black Belt Magazine" to get a few students and then having one of the biggest names in the art, half a mile away. Suddenly, for some strange reason, it was back to Tae Bo, TKD and Pressure Points and just mixing in a little BJJ. Over time, that same school of Carlson's turned into Rodrigo Medieros' school, then Javi's school, then Leo Viera's school. Not really a great time to bust out with your "Look at me, I'm a BJJ Black Belt" marketing plan. He just seemed to shrink away from presenting himself being a BJJ person. Except, he is involved with a VERY shady looking website offering ranks over the internet.

    Now, a decade and a half later, here he is still slowly going up the BJJ Black Belt Ranks, quietly becoming one of the highest ranked BJJ Professors in North America, despite not teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

    Hediki Frazier is a ghost in the BJJ community. He has no presence, nor any BJJ students. He exists only as a name. A name that I can only hope brings embarrassment to those who deserve it.

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    learn your facts on Master Hideki Frazier

    I am not sure who you guys are and where you are getting your information, but I have trained with Master Frazier for years and he is a great and legit teacher.

    In regards to the affiliation with the ACAF organization, he is NO LONGER associated with them and the site owner is refusing to remove his name from the site. Supposedly the site owner is over in Iraq and is not controlling his site. But a person names Jason Keaton is running the BJJ program through the ACAF. Master Frazier was only associated with the ACAF organization for a few months because the people trying to get rank were not following proper protocal and the 2 ranks he gave out were to the site owner and a student from his school.

    By the way, Master Joe Moreira was at Frazier Martial Arts in January of 2010 and conducted an awesome seminar...

    Get your facts straight before writing stuff!!!

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    The real master hideki frazier

    In reading some of the comments in this thread regarding Master Frazier, I was disgusted and appalled at what I saw. Is this what the real world of BJJ is all about...trying to smear people that you don't even know? How can those of you who claim to be legitimate martial artists and black belts bring yourself to such behavior? Is that what the embodiment of being a black belt is all about...spreading rumors and lies as if you think you know firsthand what the truth is?

    As a long time martial artist, instructor, and associate, I can say without reservation that I know Master Frazier INFINITELY better than all of you combined. If any of you can say that you have known him for 30 years and have followed his career and achievements in the martial arts for that period of time, then you can chime in with your comments...but anyone who has known Master Frazier for that long would know what his true record is and would not be saying the things about him that some of you are.

    First of all, there are those of you who are questioning his abilities and legitimacy in BJJ. I remember when he first started his training back in the early 1990's when BJJ was still making it's way to the forefront of the martial arts world. He spent countless hours on the mat training in BJJ because first and foremost, he loves the martial arts and wanted to expand his own personal knowledge. There is no questioning his legitimacy and the people who would know that best are his students who have studied under him. It is easy for you discreditors to sit back and type your garbage on a forum thread about him and his credibility but it comes from your own personal ignorance regarding your actual knowledge of Master Frazier. It's really easy to spread what is being told to you by another person who told another person and so on, or to talk about your "vast" experience and knowledge of him because you may have seen or heard about him one time or talked to him or called his school...but it is a totally different story to hear from his staff and students who have worked under him for a long time. Those who are lucky enough to have been in those positions of directly working with him, know the truth...and ultimately, that is what really matters...not the lies that are being spread about him.

    I want to set the record straight about his association with the ACAF that some of you seem to want to base that as a reason to discredit Master Frazier's good name. Just because you see a website does not mean that the information on that site is accurate. Master Frazier had a very short term alliance with that group concerning their grappling program. It lasted only a couple months and contrary to what some of you are saying, Master Frazier was not peddling belt promotions through that association. When he learned that the procedures of advancement was not what he thought it should be, he quickly left that association and has not had any dealings with it. The ACAF website has not removed his name from it and still clings to an imaginary relationship where it lists that Professor Hideki Frazier is in charge of the grappling program. In fairness to the administrator of the ACAF website, perhaps they just haven't updated their site since I know that the administrator is in the military and has been out of the country on duty on more than one occasion.

    Next, this goes out to you Shen. Master Frazier has never said nor advertised that he is strictly a BJJ school. He has very successful martial arts children's programs and has never tried to steal or "cash in on the BJJ craze". He has high black belt rankings in various martial arts including Tae Kwon Do, Ryukyu Kempo, as well as other arts. His curriculum includes BJJ but it is not limited to such. For those students who wish to excel more in the BJJ aspects of his curriculum, he has provided that avenue for them. In fact, he routinely takes some of his top students and competes in BJJ tournaments...including the Gracie Nationals. He had his teens competing in the adult division and won in 2009. So you like to say that he is running under the radar and trying to now hide his BJJ roots just because another BJJ school opened up by him? That couldn't be further from the truth...he is not hiding out trying to down play his BJJ background, abilities, or his involvement in the BJJ competition world with his select students.

    Shen, you like to start off sentences with phrases like "So from what I gather" and accusing him of being a McDojo owner only shows that you don't know squat about him or the decades of experience he has. A school owner trying to cash in on a fad is not going to be someone who has spent almost 40 years of his life studying various martial arts and then including them in his instructional curriculum for his students. Any martial art or fitness program he has offered at his school has always been something that he himself has studied and became proficient at in order to offer the highest levels of instructional quality in his programs. A person just cashing in on a fad would not have this kind of background in what they offer in their school. But I guess that doesn't matter to someone like you who only looks to smear someone without really knowing who they are.

    Finally, you accuse Master Frazier of being a ghost in the BJJ community. I have already pointed out about his active involvement with his students in BJJ competition. Have you considered the fact that since Master Frazier offers a variety of arts, that his sole focus would not be only in the BJJ world? He has involvement in a variety of martial arts concerns and will take students to TKD tournaments, open karate tournaments, as well as a variety of seminars and activities. But also, has it even occurred to you that with people like you who roam the BJJ community, that Master Frazier wouldn't want to have any active involvement with all the back stabbing talk and rumors spreading about him. He is extremely busy with his school and he puts his full focus on his students....why would he put any energy into the BJJ political world where all of you worry about who got what black belt from whom, and who is worthy and who is not. So while all of you are busy talking garbage, he is busy making great students even better yet!

    So all of you grow up out there! If you are martial artists, start acting like martial artists and stop the foolishness. It's people like you who give martial arts, BJJ, and MMA a bad name because you are more worried about another person's belt instead of worrying about making yourself a better person! Martial arts are supposed to teach courtesy, respect, and discipline...all attributes that you obviously haven't learned yet.

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    The wiki entry will also be removed for the time being until a credible and correctly written article is (if) written.
    "To sin by silence when one should protest makes cowards out of men".

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    Quote Originally Posted by PCH View Post
    This guy is a fraud who bought his belt. NO ONE in the BJJ world in southern California who knows him has any respect for him. Joe M. gave out a number of highly questionable Black Belts when he first got here: Frazier, John DelaO, Ray Cota and a few others.

    Hediki has EXTREMELY low skill level. Not even sure if he actually trains anymore, but he has a program to affiliate people over the internet.

    Look into him yourself.
    FRAUD is a legal term and I advise you to be careful over what you write in the public domain without first providing PROOF for the alleged accusation.

    Stating that people should look into this themselves will only earn you a poor reputation here.

    YOU'VE made the accusation here, start providing the proof.
    "To sin by silence when one should protest makes cowards out of men".

    ~Ella Wheeler

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmaguyinca View Post
    As a long time martial artist, instructor, and associate, I can say without reservation that I know Master Frazier INFINITELY better than all of you combined.
    And who are you? Why should anyone believe you any more than those whom you are railing against?
    Calm down, it's only ones and zeros.

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    Who am I? I am someone who can speak from a perspective that no one else can about Master Frazier since I DO KNOW HIM...unlike the posters to this thread. You ask a legit question about why anyone should believe me any more than believing the other posters who are railing against him. That's fair. But I guess that is the very quagmire about forum threads. It is just people putting in their opinions and supposed "facts" without anyone else being able to personally verify it.

    I come from a totally different angle than others. I was compelled to respond when I read these comments because of their absolute falseness and libelous nature. I don't care to get involved with the inner circle foolishness that takes place in the martial arts world where student's egos seem to take prevalence over wisdom and maturity. My comment was to testify to the nature of the man himself...since that is my area of expertise as compared to the other posters claiming he is a fraud without even knowing him.

    I've never known anyone more dedicated to the martial arts than him. He has had a lifetime dedication to both his own personal pursuit in the arts and to the students he teaches. That is his sole focus...and he has chosen not to play the games that go on out there when people like to stir controversy up.

    I guess that is the very nature of forum threads. They are going to attract the younger martial arts crowd who still put a premium on what belt or degree someone is and enjoy all the pettiness that gets bandied about. So the choice is yours. You can believe those who spread lies or you can believe those who try to clarify the truth. In my experience, maturity and wisdom generally reside on the side of truth. So you have to ask yourself this question when determining who you believe in this debate...Which comments tend to come from the more sensible and mature perspective and which comments come from ego filled immaturity? Then you can decide from there.

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    So, are you going to verify his rank or keep spouting opinions? I mean it is funny that you are spouting your opinion, without any verification, while writing essays admonishing people for doing the same thing.

    I know what that is called do you?

    In other words, you didn't answer Tom's question.

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