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    Attica MMA - Christian "War God" Darrow, Long Island, NY

    A friend sent me the link to this website:

    A new huge training facility being set up by one Christian "War God" Darrow, claiming stellar credentials which apparently landed him "what may be the most lucrative contract in MMA history".

    Some useful links:

    YouTube- ATTICA MMA's SUPER FIGHTING FACILITY - Loads of videos on his Youtube channel, including one where he calls out Jamie Varner. - His profile

    Needless to say, a closer look at this fellow would no doubt yield some entertainment.
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    Do me a favor, add "Long Island NY" to the title, should get more of us NY'ers in here. I was just about to make this thread also!

    James Funaro from the UG.

    I have a bunch of friends who know of him thorugh friends and such kind of, I'm jumping on this.

    Link to the UG thread:

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    Well, this website certainly looks like fun for the whole Bullshido family. Let's start with the absolutely insane fight league description:

    Quote Originally Posted by U.S.F.C. INC. Mission Statement
    The U.S.F.C. INC is the newest and most controversial fight league to ever be formed. Originally this league and its lethal fighters were known as the underground street fighting championship. As word got out this group of fighters were signed and the same initials were used to create the Ultimate Super Fight Championship Inc. No hype, no laying on top of each other for 5 minutes until one fighter is gassed and basically gives up the submission. This is 100% real fighting. The fans have spoken and asked for it and the U.F.S.C. has answered...loudly. In what will be the shot heard around the M.M.A. world the U.F.S.C. has signed the notorious undefeated prison pit fighter Cristian "Attica" Darrow as its first fighter to what may be the most lucrative contract in M.M.A. history. Look for the upcoming press conference and check this site frequently for updates.
    Whre the hell do you begin? From "lethal" fighters to the anti-grapple comment to the undefeated prison record claims. I guess the first step is to actually look up this bonehead's criminal record to see if his "16 year undefeated record" is even possible (as in, did he even go to jail, yet alone stay in for 16 years).

    Oh, and why the hell does this league openly advertise when they're based in New York, and (presumably) plan on fighting in New York, when MMA isn't even legal in New York? You would think underground street fighters like themselves would know what rule number one of the fight club is.

    Likewise, the mission statement contradicts itself. Early on, they imply to have signed all the fighters from the street fighting league, yet then say Christian is their first signed fighter.

    As for the rest of the site:

    -The gym teaches both "MMA" and "Ultimate Fighting"
    - The pictures of Christian are all of him attempting to look jacked and tough. They're worth a good laugh.
    - He claims his name was "Sin" for his prison fights.
    - He's also an underground fighting "champion". I guess if you're making unfalsifiable claims, there's no need to be humble with them.
    - Christian drives a Nissan, in case anyone gives a ****.
    - ...but wait, doesn't he have a picture of a Corvette with an "Attica" liscense plate on his pictures section? Why are you bragging about your Nissan when you drive a Corvette? Oh, I get it now: That 'vette belongs to one of your loyal fans from your prison fight championship days...
    - Fighter Profiles, Power Punch Fitness, and Products/Supplements are fortunately not up yet.

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    They forgot to put a mission statement in their mission statement.

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    Is this for real, and not just a ridiculously early April Fool's gag? It hits damn near every check on the "run away like your hair is on fire" list. This guy is several years too late for people to buy this kind of marketing.


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    Checked him out at the New York DCS website (link below) and he has never been in their system.

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    YouTube- Christian Darrow and Stony Brook Journalism Major Matt

    Now that's an article I wouldn't mind reading. As far as I can tell, the closest Houlihan's to Stony Brook School of Journalism is 199 Mills Pond Rd St James, NY 11780. (631) 862-0100

    I don't suppose any of you NY/NJ types would be interested in tracking down Mat and seeing if he'll let you take a look at his homework?
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    Quote Originally Posted by littleoldme View Post
    It's the online equivalent of kicking sand over a skinny kid at the beach to impress your buddies.

    EDIT: Just watched the first video. He's got a sweet facility, whatever anyone else has to say about the man.
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