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...has all your Jing.
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9/09/2014 1:45am,
The day Gene LeBell choked me out... (Topic in the Basic and Misc. Fighting Technique Discussion forum)
1/13/2009 3:26pm,
10/24/2009 7:23am,
the dojo slut (Topic in the YMAS forum)
5/30/2015 2:37pm,
The Dookie Diet; an experiment in failure (Topic in the Physical Training, Diet, and Health Forum forum)
3/12/2010 1:36pm,
The End of Mixed Martial Arts. (Topic in the YMAS forum)
12/04/2007 9:10am,
The Great god debate! pick your side and tell us why! (Topic in the General BS: Science, Skepticism, Stupidity forum)
5/29/2008 5:17pm,
The greatest American war hero of our time is gay. time is ga. (Topic in the General BS: Science, Skepticism, Stupidity forum)
2/06/2012 1:18pm,
The Guy Who Can Take Shots Anywhere! (Topic in the Martial Arts BS: Fraud, Investigations, Chi, etc. forum)
5/06/2008 8:20pm,
The Happeh Pseudoscientific Method, part Ad Nauseum. (Topic in the Punching Bag forum)
2/05/2009 2:59pm,
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