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Armbar in Self Defence (Topic in the YMAS forum)
10/05/2006 7:19am,
Asia's Instructional Video Series: A Bullshido Exclusive (Topic in the Martial Arts Instructional Training Video Clips forum)
1/25/2008 6:41pm,
Attention Cracky (Topic in the YMAS forum)
4/29/2008 6:53pm,
Be a Superhero! (Or maybe just a paranoid twit...) (Topic in the NEWS: MMA, Combat Sports, and Martial Arts News forum)
2/15/2007 3:56pm,
BET Jumps on the MMA bandwagon- "Iron Ring" (Topic in the MMA and Combat Sports Forum: Boxing, UFC, etc. forum)
9/15/2008 10:00am,
Big Pharma and ADD. (Topic in the General BS: Science, Skepticism, Stupidity forum)
11/14/2008 9:26pm,
BJJ FTW at the Greyhound Terminal!!! This is a must watch!!! (Topic in the Street fights and reality fighting videos forum)
11/26/2007 11:35am,
Brock Lesnar - Douchebag of the Month - July 2009 (Topic in the Douchebag of the Month forum)
9/03/2010 9:04pm,
Bullshido Hall a Famer also a TV Star! (Topic in the NEWS: MMA, Combat Sports, and Martial Arts News forum)
2/17/2007 2:37pm,
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