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1/10/2007 8:11pm,
8/14/2007 4:49pm,
Say it isn't so, a Brazilian jiujitsu champ charged with molesting boys! (Topic in the Martial Arts in the News forum)
7/01/2010 9:55pm,
Say my name!! (Topic in the YMAS forum)
2/23/2007 1:36pm,
Say what you will about Emos, but man are they entertaining (Topic in the Street fights and reality fighting videos forum)
3/13/2009 1:59am,
SBG Manchester for MMA and BJJ (Topic in the Combat Sports School, Gym, or Club Reviews forum)
4/21/2008 1:54pm,
Scarf hold in MMA (Topic in the BJJ and Advanced Grappling Forum forum)
10/16/2007 9:33am,
School in Hollywood Florida (Topic in the Combat Sports School, Gym, or Club Reviews forum)
5/08/2008 11:18am,
scimitar martial arts (Topic in the Other Martial Arts School or Club Reviews forum)
5/16/2008 10:56pm,
Scott Sonnon MMA Saddle BS (Topic in the Martial Arts BS: Fraud, Investigations, Chi, etc. forum)
10/18/2008 6:53pm,
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