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Certified Personal Trainer and Drinker of Coffee
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"Always be able to kill your students." says Japan Last Ninja (Topic in the Martial Arts in the News forum)
5/15/2006 4:40pm,
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3/15/2009 7:51am,
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9/03/2008 8:14pm,
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4/01/2009 6:59pm,
"Sokeshi" Luis Alba (Topic in the Martial Arts BS: Fraud, Investigations, Chi, etc. forum)
12/05/2010 3:29pm,
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6/26/2009 3:43pm,
"Was Savate’s Drop Kick from Pro Wrestling?" (Topic in the Traditional Martial Arts and Styles Forum forum)
4/02/2009 2:32pm,
"When I move you move, just like that" (Topic in the Basic and Misc. Fighting Technique Discussion forum)
10/10/2008 2:24pm,
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