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  1. i am trying hard to hold on to this tradition...
    My goal is teching the youth to keep them off of the streets....
  2. i am also a ninjutsu historian i have referenced those techniques and have found somewhere that i am refrencing for you that the Ninja was a superb
    Sumo Wrestler and would unbalance a Sailor on a Ship and hurl him over board and drown him...We actually have photos of those Ninja Survival Courses that the Newspaper took in Pittsburgh,Kansas 1984....
  3. Lastly, our departure this time was not good...The 80 year old Master i had trained under from childhood and then at 17 years old walked the opposite direction blinking his eye's like he was going to cry...I was now 37 and i could not teach what he was teaching now;because there was nothing like what he taught us then... He did tell me how i should do my Black Belt's Certificates....
  4. i am trying to hold on to those few techniqes and methods of training we did then...
    Sensei,Demura is aware that i founded Sankido-Ryu-Ninjutsu and muched liked the name;however he wanted me to come back learn his new system and teach it and i declined too...i told him that i missed the old way he taught and even named a take down by him Fumio Nage...
  5. :new_scatt:new_scatt:new_scattThe lineage of generations is basically who learned from who in a specific order...
    like;Seiko taught Mabuni;Mabuni teaches Sakagami;Sakagami teaches Demura;Demura Taught Tim Anderson 5th, Generation in the Ryu;however Fumio Demura quit teaching the ninjutsu aspects in the 1980's;such as sumo wrestling;which a ninja knew how to do;out door survival that we did;which incorperated steath;red team yellow team and repelling and a 10 mile endurance trail...
  6. Can some one tell me howi can up load photo's of Sensei,Demura and me,Senei,Sakagami,Fujita Seiko and Kenwa Mabuni,and Kunio Miyake and me?

    Respectfuly,Tim Anderson
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Sankido Ryu Ninjutsu
Oklahoma City,Ok.
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At 11 years old started Martial Art's Training at the time called Japan Karate Federation Fumio Demura.At 17 i trained under him in his Santa Ana Dojo;from there i left and Trained under Kunio miyake in Shito Ryu Shuko-Kai and fought at the long beach areana 1990.Met Ed Parker 3 months before he died.
At 19 i started running the street's with some other bad kid's and got got caught in Armed Robbery.In prison i went on to earn other Black Belts....I studied under a Japanese Yakuza named:Toshio and earned right of Soke ship of his style Sankido.The Ninja Yakuza Master one me to his system of Ninjutsu over Shito-Ryu
when he asked me to throw a Demura's Karate punch at his face.I through a Migi Chodan-Seiken Tzuki with loud Kia!The Ninja evaded quickly and struck me in the eye's with a Migi Nukite...Master Toshio is still in prison till this very day.He was born in Kyushu,Japan.You may review the Ninjutsu Five Element Combinations he taught me called:(Tatsuo-No-Chie) off of youtube where
A man's house is his mind...
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