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About dtinstructor

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About dtinstructor
Primary Style:
Police Defensive Tactics
South Florida - Miami area
Other Interests and Information:
Firearms, Research
Police Training Coordinator and Detective
Martial Arts Experience:
I am but a humble student of the martial arts and combatives. I am currently a white belt in Gracie combatives, and a certified Hojutsu practitioner (state certified law enforcement firearms instructor-rifle-shotgun-pistol).

I have been practicing martial arts since 1974 and have been a police trainer since 1995.

I am always learning and practicing and claim to be better than no one. My accomplishments are only staying alive on the street while working as a police officer since 1989.

I have limited tournament experience and NO UFC/MMA/Octagon experience at all. I respect those athletes and believe that they are an extremely tough and well trained group of fighters and martial artists.

My training has strictly been involving either traditional arts OR reality based law enforcement systems including Simunitions, several Defensive Tactics systems, batons, TASERs, chemical agents, etc.

I am a Christian but have studied the Asian belief systems and philosophies at length. I consider myself a scholar having earned a legitimate Ph.D. from a regionally accredited university.

I am here to tell no one anything and to change the opinion and beliefs of no one. I think that exposing completely fraudulent claims, especially those concerning for-profit entities, is the right thing to do.

On the real street, while making felony arrests, dojo/gym techniques do not always work, nor do they look as they do in a training environment. Professional operators learn to use the appropriate level of force that is legal and justified. We use tools to accomplish the task because there unfortunately is no referee out in the field and 200 or so police officers and agents lose their lives every year in the United States alone.

I probably do not have much of value to add to any discussions involving sport martial arts; I have not lived that life so please forgive my ignorance regarding those topics.

I am trying to compile a library of scholarly articles involving the martial arts so that researchers have a peer reviewed database to use. That is something I hope to share with the martial arts community.
"An effective warrior does what is necessary to live to fight another day"
My Dojo/School Review:
No review available
Competition Footage Thread:
I have limited competition traditional tournament experience and coaching.
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Modern American Combatives (LLC) Academy


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