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    Yeah. SO how've you been?
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    Awesome. If you get 50 posts here, we can forgo the email thing all together.
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    As far as the clinch, you have to pummel and gain inside control.Otherwise, you're stuck. What I suggest you to do it drill re-establishing inside control. If you're shorter than everyone else kneel a bit and get on arm in between you're opponents arm. Then try to get the other.
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    Sure :) If you don't mind, email m. I don't really want to talk about myself over user wall/ My email is [email protected]

    Okay, SOOO it terms of sparring and the delay... If you aren't noticing it in other aspects of your life, then it's not the brain injury. If you're just starting out, it's n00bness but that's alright. Everyone has that in the beginning. It's a matter of muscle memory as opposed to thinking it through while doing it.
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    What's going on teek?
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    hmmmmmm...... I'm sorry but it's not ringing a bell. Can you be a bit more specific? Actually, if you can email me instead of posting on my public profile I would very much appreciate it. [email protected].

    Thanks Teekin
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    I believe they shall recover, although I must say your intro will earn you many fans
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    I've spewed some wicked flame here, you probably like this:

    LOL! You can be the honey and I'll be the bumble bee.
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    Welcome to bullshido. It's seems like you had it rough but you're as tough as nails and awesome. Pretty also (I saw your pic on the horse riding forum :Hehehe:)
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About Teekin

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About Teekin
Primary Style:
BJJ Judo
Canada, snowbelt
Other Interests and Information:
I have horses and ride dressage. Very active in rehoming ex-race horses.
Whooo-Hoo back in school. Was a Comptroler
Martial Arts Experience:
Joined a dojo to strengthen my legs an fell in love with submission grappling. I sucked at wrestling takedowns so I went to a Judo school who's head coach was an accomplished fighter. He was known for his balls to the wall , take no prisoners style of fighting. Learned that This was where I really belonged.Stil training no-gi at first Dojo as well as pure Western boxing.

Met some people from the Welcome Mat, This was a whole new level of both Judo and ground fighting. Sick, twisted and Nasty. I loved it!! At that point I had a clue how ignorant I was when it came to any form of ground fighting or jacket work

Started to go to Rodrigo Mundrucia's. Loved the instrction there. Both Joy and Joey were good teachers. Rodrigo was excellent but he travelled a lot. I learned some awesome awesome techniniques there.

Did a bit of Karate but the Katas made me crazy. Why learn something that is of no practical value?

Learned to do a bit of Mauy Thai from Ryan of Northern Combat. I did in fact come in very handy. This boy could strike and Teach. He was Fantastico!
Whatever is done for love always occurs beyond good and evil.
Friedrich Nietzsche
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