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    still not seeing the day and time to meet up with It Is Fake
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    Go give IIF the day and time you would like to meet him at Omega's gym, Danny-boi
  3. It is fake is a bitch keep on hiding mother fucker
  4. White kimbo dick tucked
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    Better eat your Wheaties
  6. **** all bullshido members
  7. **** off and die all members of bullshido. You are all **** talking fags with nothing better to do than hate on others. You need constant reaffirmation of your badness by going around picking on what you see as weaker people. Eventually everything we do or say catches up to us. I pray that one of you fucks will try to **** with me in the real world. Once again members of bullshido **** off and die you are bitches and hoes every last one of you.
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    Hi Dan

    How long have you been on here my martial brother?
    great to hear from you again. have you got any trips to the timberliiiine planed my brother from another mother? saw the last one and it was bop-bop-brilliant

    hope to hear back ill post this in the fiorum too i want you to read it and then you will see it easier

  9. Here I am. I have nothing to hide. I love my life, I am a happy guy, but I do not appreciate anonymous **** talking faggots dissing on my homies. I am not expecting much positivity to come from this, but it might be worth a laugh or two. Let's see who is going to draw first blood?
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