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  1. -Mostly, we are associated nationally with the USA Martial Arts Federation (MAF)( through Roger Jarrett.

    -We are an aikikai-based style with heavily influenced Yoshinkan aspects. The Yoshinkan Chudokai Aikido Federation oversees the USA MAF's aikido, but not any other martial arts. Long story, can't fit it in here.

    -Not sure when I will be at class for Judo...probably jump back and forth while doing aikido on Thursday.
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    Hey, just curious which one of the judo classes you'd be trying to make? They're actually working on adding a Friday class to the Judo schedule as well.
    Also, I had one or two questions about the Aikido curriculum at the Shinsuikan. I saw they're affiliated with Chudokai but I'm not entirely sure which kind of Aikido they use, is it Yoshinkan or a different branch?

    Yeah, I realize I could ask the instructor but I always end up forgetting while I'm there, haha.
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    Huh, that's good to know. I'll definitely try looking through all of 'em though. And yeah, checked out the Clyde place's site. They're actually a Relson Gracie affiliate, and have a link on the Port Clinton location's website. So, it's looking decent so far.
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    Actually I'd just gone back up there yesterdary after a car trouble induced absence and as it turns out the facility is gone. According to one of the coaches I keep in contact with one of the owners just... didn't pay the rent. He's been recommending a few places to other students to continue training. I'm looking into a place up in Clyde or one in Port Clinton at the moment.
    But, Shinsuikan's judo/jujutsu class is also on my list of things to check out though.
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    Ahh, I ended up finding a different place after a long series of... being broke as all hell, haha.

    It's actually up in the Woodville Mall if you're ever up out that way. Silverfox Wrestling Association, they've got a full gym and teachers for a multitude of different martial arts. Boxing, Jujutsu, Kickboxing, Wrestling, etc.
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    Sorry about the loooong absence in anything I've said. I have a... bad habit of not checking sites for months on end...
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    thanks for the vids man. definatelly gonna look more into the kick defenses.
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    Sorry about that, I tend to disappear for long stretches of time before returning to some sites. I may have a place to train now that I have a job but I still don't see why I wouldn't try and check out your places.
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