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  1. Everyone else was spastic and tried to go 100%. My own coach who is a pro recommends it to remain calm in situations when hesitant. Wing chun, jkd that is.
  2. My first day of live rolling I tapped out all students of my level or above. Everyone was aggressive. I acted as if I was in chi Sao while in knee position which helped with trapping of lapel and I also judo'd from knee point, I believe if the ma world was more open minded than trapping and grappling work well together. I kept calm which is what wing chun taught me. And the only person that pinned me was my coach and he appreciated my calmness.
  3. I'm very happy w/ my WC/BJJ experiences and have found that they complement each other well. I'm not familiar w/ the Carlos school, and would recommend you try it out to see if you like it. So many gyms are so different you really have to try.

    Judo is awesome. I would kill for the opportunity to train it more often.

    The mindset of bjj and wing shun is pretty different. BJJ looks for the finish...and WC really is looking for an opening to escape.
  4. Im a beginner in wing chun, to the chi Sao point at least. I'm curious about your wc bjj cross train experience. Was it easy to correlate the two or did they both have a completely separate mindset. And do you advise gjj Carlos with gi/nogi for ground? My other option is judo.
  5. Hi there. If you are in Fayetteville you are close to one of the best wing chun guys in the world.

    Sifu Brian K. Edwards. I train under one of his disciples.

    He has reopened his school, but I can't find much info.

    Here are some comments from a message board about him.

    Good luck. Let me know how it goes.
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    Hello, I saw you mentioned a Wing Chun School in Fayetteville NC. I'm looking into starting that style and so far I haven't found much in the area. If you have any recomendations I'd love to hear them. Thanks for your time,
  7. Hey there.

    I think wing chun has infinite potential with regards to self defense...but it needs to be trained in a realistic manner with a lot of contact. Wing chun is great if you actually fight with it, as that allows you to throw away what doesn't work for you.

    I've enjoyed my time on this site as I think overall they are fair...though many of them are stupid.

    If you are interested in a wing chun message board, you should check out

    Good luck with your training.
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    Hey, sorry to bother.
    I'm a beginner on Wing Chun (_ing _un) and I was shown this forum by a friend who absolutely hates it (and frequents this forum obviously). He's really adamant on getting me away from it, as he believes it's not worthwhile in any way, be it self defence or fighting. He's also one of the people I'd most trust with in terms of opinions related to this kind of topic, but his word completely contradicts what my teacher has told me, so I'm now just lost.

    I was hoping I could have your insight, a Chunner who also frequents this website, on this topic. What do you reckon about Chun's potential to be used for self defence (about half the reason I'm looking into martial arts).

    (Copypasta from other message)
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