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    Yeah man, I'm sporadically training bjj/submission wrestling at just about every gym in London. (kind of annoying because it means I'll never get graded this way)
    My gym membership runs out next month so am thinking about joining Carlson Gracies full-time and just using what weight equiptment they have there.

    I'll speak to sam and we should maybe set up a beer thread for any other british BS peeps that might fancy a loosely martials related drinking session.
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    How's things Kovacs? we should get the crew together for a drink sometime soon.
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    Sorry if I gave any indication I thought you were being rude--that wasn't meant to be sarcastic.

    Yeah, I guess I should have done some research before hand :P

    And alright, sounds good--thanks!
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    Hey, sorry for making my stupid HKD thread--I guess I was kind of a stupid jackass (in the sense that I ignored everything) so thanks for putting it in such concise terms.

    Question: Does bullshido frown upon HKD as a martial art or the training methods in relation to MMA? Just wondering, since I couldn't really tell.

    Also, for self defense (I'm asking you since starting or continuing that thread would not end well, probably) MT and Judo or MT and BJJ? I'm starting MT in 2 weeks.

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    Glad you got down dude. I've not done any of the MT classes but it looks pretty good. I'll be keeping a watchful eye out for any new spazzes :)
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    Thanks man, its all pretty old, I'll be puutting more stuff up on Flickr (and also on deviant art) in the next few weeks as ive been working on a few digital paintings.
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    Hey Dude,

    I've got some illustration stuff on flickr (all pretty old but will upload some more soon and have just setup a profile on deviant art):

    and i have a vfx reel on here:

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About Kovacs
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Cross Fit, small arms.
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Endurance events.
Tactical urban underwater knife-fighting survival instructor.
Martial Arts Experience:
Started with the chun and stuck with it for five years. Fell out of love with it and did a mixture of Muay Thai, Judo and kickboxing usually intensely and then with breaks.

Currently cross-fit for general strength and conditioning, general small arms training and military based endurance training.
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