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    He focused his frustration on the western schools, these is what concerns me the most. As a student under the western system i really would like to know what the facts are. any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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    I viewed their cirriculum and was surprised at how much training surely Hiang must have (i wondered where the throwing knives were in our art). this forum here confused me further, especially with It Is Fake saying he was an intructor and the art is rubish in the begining and then his tone slowly changing and recognizing skill in other members of the art.
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    another saying he taught i different art somewhere but only through some research did i find out he in fact has a school in lexington of all places. Imagine my confusion. on top of that is the fact that GM Ie was their grandfather according to Hiangs' site. I was told the had a family history contain many martial artists including thier grandfather but this still was a bit of a surprise.
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    I question the east west gap right when i joined and it hasnt gotten me very far, i had hoped to find someone in the east, such as yourself, to maybe help me out there. I've gotten a few bits here and there but its really hard for anyone out of the inner circle to get real information. I cant say for sure but i thought i remembered someone saying GM Sins' brother was still in indonesia.
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    i caught wind of all this internet smack talk when i first joined about a year ago and wasnt sure what to make of it. i had my doubts first meeting GM The' but had a funny little experience with him which i'll be happy to tell you in another messege(it would take a bit to tell) but it gave me some faith in him. I also noticed the people who trained like the should were getting results as well as the difference in sparring. but still the were so many unaswered questions.
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    bare with me but my message is in chunks, i needed to exceed 500 characters:
    dear dtank, please help. Haha, im sorry but i have to get answers from someone. Im a CSC student, ive been in and out because of work schedules and finacial reasons.
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    Cougar Spirit = Frank U.
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    So I'd first be curious, what about what was said would have you think, Tim, Frank, or Tom?
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    Frank U. = Cougar Spirit
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