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    Are you paying attention to this redundant scrawl?
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    settle on the name calling or i might offend you back!!
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    I know once your banned and you create a new account and then get banned again your a douchebag....well im different, actually no I am a douchebag but I will repent from my decieving ways because obviously you get caught everytime...If I scouts honour not to be a douchebag again can I get my original account back?
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    really? You're banning me for that?
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    I added you as a friend so I can use that "Home" link to find posts.
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    I am new to the forums and I wanted to start a thread about the arm triangle. I have about six month experience in BJJ so I am pming you before placing this thread in the advance grappling discussion. The arm triangle seems to be my bread and butter choke. I just have more luck with it than any other sub. I do not see it being used often in higher level tournaments and it is not often that I see discussion on this submission. I train at a newer school that does not have higher level belts. Only about ten students and just two blue belts. Is the arm triangle effective at higher levels or am I just catching inexperienced students making mistakes (i.e. turning away from me in side control). Here is a video of the choke if you are not familar with it or just know it by a different name.

    YouTube - Arm Triangle from Side Control

    Thanks for your time
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    Thanks! It is good to be back. I hope I'll be able to stay for a bit longer this time.
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    My post had everything to do with technique. I don't agree with you on this one.
    It was about control of the neck. It's a helpful tip for a beginer.
    But you are threatening to have me banned for stuff like this.
    I know I made a few shitty topics, but this is a serious one.
    Threatening to have me banned for small stuff like this is offensive.
    You don't see me talking about fat guys smothering people anymore. I'm trying to clean up my act. Threatening to ban me all the time angers me. Particularly when I'm trying to behave myself now. I made an honest post. If it still does not fit the topic then delete it, but by God stop threatening to ban me everytime.
    I'm just giving advise for crying out loud. Control over the neck is a good thing.
    And please stop threatening me. I don't see how it's a bannible offense, and if so then show me where that is in the rules.
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    Thanks for the +rep, I know it was your old place now and would've said hi for you. Hope y'all don't mind a beginner stand up guy at the throwdowns but being an ex-football player in Texas you know I don't mind rolling. I'll try to plan my yearly surf trip to get down there for one!
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    Whoops, sorry!- Didn't occur to me that anyone else could be offended! I apologize!
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