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About Dr Ska

Basic Information

About Dr Ska
Primary Style:
Sport Kung Fu/Wing Chun
Orlando, FL
Other Interests and Information:
Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering Student at VCC.
Love riding sportbikes and watching motorcycle racing.
Love training and sparring with as many different people and styles as I can. Always looking for more training/sparring partners!
Security Officer
Martial Arts Experience:
~4 years Tang Soo Do (1991-1995) in Jacksonville, FL under Master Garret: Song K. Pak lineage [lots of drilling and sparring, some forms]
I then moved to Orlandoin '95 to drop out of UCF
~6 months JKD (circa 1999) in Orlando, FL under Sifu Floyd Jackson: Inosanto lineage [lots of drilling and some sparring, no forms]
Sifu Jackson moved to D.C. in autumn of '99
~2 years Ving Tsun (2000-2002) Orlando, FL under Darrel Jordan aka Lee Gar Lin: Lee Moy Shan / Moy Yat / Yip Man lineage [some drills, no sparring, LOTS of time on forms and chi sao]
formed sparring group with some fellow studens at the LGL school, then met up with a good friend who introduced me to Sifu Arnett
~7 years Wing Chun (2002- present) Jacksonville, FL under Sifu Anthony Arnett: William Cheung / Yip Man lineage [lots of drilling and sparring, some forms, 1% chi sao]
~7 years Arnett's Sport Kung Fu (2002- present) Jacksonville, FL under Sifu Anthony Arnett [drilling and sparing, no forms, no chi sao]
Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance
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