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    Hey. I posted that stupid thread about animal's wrestling but the question I'm really trying to answer lately is what kind of wrestling came first (I know it's pretty much impossible to actually know, I'm just getting opinions and such)

    Do you think Belt wrestling came first or do you think the first styles of wrestling were more like freestyle wrestling? (ala benni hasan)

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    I love the new Fortezza website, man. Nice work!
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    Thanks man, now that I'm state-side I'll look into that.
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    Hey what stick do you use for Bartitsu\Vigny? I'm torn between using a rattan stick without a knob and using a purple-heart heavy cane.
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    Hey check this guy's intro thread out.
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    DdlR I have been very interested in systema lately but have know idea where to start. Any tips/suggestions thank you for your help.
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    war wheel suggested i contact you. im involved in RAF (russian all-round fighting federation) he suggested you may be interested in this group.
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    Despite all the bashing I am giving systema lately, I want to express how much I enjoy your contributions to BS. My comments are certainly not meant as a personal disrespect against you.
  9. Briefly, I practiced a number of Asian MAs during the late '70s-'80s, during the '90s started getting more seriously interested in European styles (more particularly, the challenges of reconstructing "extinct" styles) and became fascinated with Bartitsu around 2001. If you're interested, I strongly suggest that you join the Bartitsu Forum email list on Yahoo Groups.

    Systema is the most advanced MA pedagogy I've come across in over three decades of training. I don't recommend it for beginners, though.
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    Would you mind describing for me your martial arts experience and how you came to be involved in practicing bartitsu? Because of my interest in MA history, I find it fascinating. I would also love to hear about how you find Systema fits into your martial arts practice.
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