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About Ving Tsun

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About Ving Tsun
Primary Style:
Wing Chun
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Ving Tsun Practitioner.
Assistant Instructor and College Student.
Martial Arts Experience:
I have a total of about 4 years of martial arts experience. I first started training when I was 10 in Shotokan karate which was a Japanese style. I archived the level of green belt (two away from black) and took an interest in Taekwondo. I took the Taeguek/Palgwe style of Taekwondo until I was twelve and finished at blue belt (again two away from black). I quit for 15 years then got back into martial arts by taking up the Songham style of Taekwondo (ATA). I started ATA as a blue belt and worked hard to earn my black belt in Taekwondo. I then wanted to venture into the Chinese martial arts, so I decided to search for a school. The only school in town taught Wing Chun kung fu. I was invited to take a free class and fell in love with it right away. The art of Wing Chun has been considered one of the most advanced fighting styles in the world! I really enjoy being a student of Wing Chun and I feel everyone should at least give it a chance.
Don't make someone's problem your problem.
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Savannah Ving Tsun


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