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    Thanks Jason .
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    Thats good , its a good sign that students stay that long and obtain such high rank.
    The school looks good. Its definitely more well rounded then my dojo which in all honestly is run by 2 excellent senseis who were world class competitors on the egyptian national team , but on the other token the dojo is predominantly sports karate with emphasis on competition Kumite and Kata . I still compete but im getting to the point I need more Budo

    Thanks for the help
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    there seems to be alot of 4th dans in there with not much then 10 yrs experience , do they grade quickly .I was watching the BBs they seemed decent but 4th dan is like 20 yrs typically in shotokan . what rank did you get to.. and east coast is steep and its a yr contract do u know what they get at the shorin ryu place /?

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    Thanks I checked out that Dojo , The Sensei was very nice seemed very competent ,The only thing I saw I had a slight problem was discipline seemed a bit light, other than that it looked a decent place to train, Being A shotokan stylist I think it would be a easier transition for me to learn Shorin Ryu then them to learn Shotokan but this is just a untried theory
    Did you like the Dojo what didnt you like about it , How was the testing done , Thanks for the input
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    Thanks Im thinking of checking it out , I think East Coast Black went back to Shorin Ryu as well the Matsubashi Type
    Thanks for responding , Do you have any preference in either one ?
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    Hey that Dojo is pretty close to me , How is that , Im currently a Nidan In shotokan in a "sports Orientated Dojo " which is ok but im 52 and now starting to look for a more traditional MA.

    How is that Dojo , and what is the difference between Kobayashi and Matsubayashi and do they spar alot in that Dojo ..
    Thank You Osu

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    Hey - you asked for info on LI dojos - I had to shop it to a few people but I have info for you. Email me and I will send you the info - you don't have enough posts for me to PM you.
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