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    Hey how goes training?
  2. Vertical refers to the elbow joint, not the floor. I try to have all closed fist punches in the vertical alignment with the elbow, three bottom fingers. I have tiny wrists. If I was to twist my forearm, it would be after contact to tear skin or power a second hit for there. There are some special variations I guess but thats the idea.
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    hey do you feel vertical punches are better done at a longer range while horizontal punches are better done really close at point blank? Cause that what I'm thinking.
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    nice avatar xD
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    The video server is being a bit wonky. Email me the vids (Yousendit): Phrost at Bullshido dot com.
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    Si-hing, Hello. This is Mike in Gilbert, AZ. we emailed a while back. Hopefully one day we can meet at a EBMAS seminar. HOw is everything going? Good here. I was wondering if you met anyone on here to train with or spar with? ALso have you gone to any of the throwdowns? If so how did it go? Ok I should get back to work. talk to you later....
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    Sorry man. I am just figuring out this user control panel. First off I want to agree with you that it is not your job to develop your MA. I will go so far as to say that you will know what works for you and what doesn't so you are developing your MA in a fashion.
    Second off let me define pressure testing. I think pressure testing is when you use your repertoire in a alive manner.
    As to how often, well that happens anytime that you spar, practice, or fight in a alive manner.
    You will quickly find out what moves will work and what moves will not. You will also find your style of fighting as well.
    As to how you pressure test mortal combat. Well isn't that full contact sparring? I think that is as close to real life fighting as you can get. It may not reflect accurately but the intensity and will feeling will be very close.
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