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    Lobohall? He's a fucking nitwit. Do you guys get aspie weaboos often?
  2. "If we can't protect the earth, you can be damn sure we can avenge it."

    All together now: "When Captain America throws his mighty shield..."
  3. You must 'friend' a lot of guys if you cant keep track. I'd say floosey, but hey, its the 21st century!
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    My sincere apologies, I was just attempting to +rep your cupcake contribution on the 'last person to post...' thread but my iPhone didn't pick up the right one and neg repped it. Really was a fan of it, would fix if I knew how.
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    You guys are Iron Wheel Combatives? I might have to drop in and see what's up once I'm medically cleared to have fun again.
  6. Well, that's the thing, despite the rep, I wouldn't chracaterize it as RBSD, but as a martial arts class with one eye on practicality. Der has many years experience as a bouncer, so he's got an understanding of what works, but he's not an RBSD nut. The Kali is pretty well integrated. The weapons work is the basis for evasive footwork, distancing, some hand speed and reaction, angling, etc. Those concepts are continued with the empty hands.
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    Interesting. How would you characterize the split between FMA weapons stuff and the JKD? Is it fully mixed or broken up a bit? If the FMA stuff was solid and fun I could be interested in that - I'm not opposed to doing RBSD stuff but fending off muggers isn't really my primary area of interest.
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    Do you do Kali in Bmore? If so, any recommendations on schools? I dig what guys like Dog Brothers do but some JKD places seem a little too in the 'we bite and eye gouge' zone of RBSD for my tastes. I'm all about hitting people with sticks, though.
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About Styygens

Basic Information

About Styygens
Primary Style:
Baltimore, Maryland
Fighting boredom.
Martial Arts Experience:
Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, since 1995
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, since 2009
Contemporary Jeet Kune Do, since 2010

Let me be clear about the following arts; I claim no rank. But I have attended classes in them over the years and been punched, kicked, locked, thrown, and/or submitted during these practice sessions. I'd say that's "experiencing" them.

Iron Wheel Boxing
Kyokushin Karate
Nihon Takai Yama Karate (I have a Yellow Belt/6th Kyu in this one awarded back in the 80's. I recently discovered the style is Shorinjiryu Kenkokan karatedo. If anyone knows anything about this style, PM me.)



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