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Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
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I've been doin martial arts for a year and eight months now. I started in tang-soo-do/hapkido for a year. I am now doing brazilian jiu-jitsu which is also MMA and we are alowed to strike while we are grapling.(which is realistic) Not like most martial arts schools. But even from the first day of my martial arts training I learned to put each move in perspective. I make sure I look at every move and see if it's able to be put into realistic street fighting and only use it if it can. I am also an expierenced street fighter because I'm small so people try do pick me out and want to fight. Well usely they got another thing coming when they pick a fight with me. Because through my many fights I've learned to scrap and take down any size atacker. I've also learned that size matters little when you have more skill then there size. Because a mixture of skill,speed and strenth and a little bit of crazyness you'll be formidable opponent for anyone.


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