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    sorry i didn't get back with you...I'm old and I find this forum stuff gets confusing for me. So i apologize.

    yep, I'm around and have been training alittle with another guy in town. I am always looking for some training time. Weapons training in this area seems hard to come by compared to most cities/towns.
    if you are interested in getting together let me know. I check email more than this forum. I hope your BJJ and Balintawak is going well.
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    i live in pensacola area and i am interested in stick, knife and grappling arts. I am writing to see if its possible to attend your stick class. I have my email available under my profile inorder to get in touch
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    I need friends too bro!
    I don't think I'm allowed any though...
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    Wasn't sure if you'd want to hear about this or not, but found out Wanderlei Silva opened a gym here in Pensacola, I'm figuring on starting there next month or so.
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    but on the 28th i'm leaving for the army...long delay after being with my daughter in the hospital at shands for many months
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    here and there mostly fitness, you?
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    Hey! Yeah, that's cool. I saw that you were going down to south florida and traveling around. Sounds like fun. Yeah we are still rolling. Mostly just on Thursdays. But sometimes on Monday too. Yeah, whenever you want to come by, let me know.

    We've been doing a lot of stand up lately because Jackson, the smaller guy, has been wanting to work on his hands. We had a couple of guys from Pensacola Boxing Academy come by and roll for a couple of weeks because they were competing in the MMA event at the fair grounds. And I guess the rolling where they are at, is not that great. So they rolled with us to brush up on their game. That was pretty fun.

    So yeah, good job on school! Keep up the good work, keep me posted on what you have going on.

    Take it easy!
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    Hey, I just wanted to let you know, we will not be training on Thursdays for a while. I'm going to go over to a friend's house to roll on those days. He trains under a BJJ black belt. So we will roll for sure on Mondays. And if you want to come any other day, just let me know!
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    HOw do I send messages?
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    Haha, the LARPing thing is a joke, of course. Though I do enjoy watching videos from fake Ninjas roleplaying as if they're in a Sho Kosugi movie. Especially MOUNTAINOUS (search for his "dojo" on YouTube), the guy never fails to amuse me.

    I'm currently training in Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu mainly (Taking a break from Ninpo, as I lack the time and funds to proper commit to it), though my Sifu himself is learning Eskrima from Doce Pares and shares what he learns with me. Overall I wouldn't call myself an Eskrima practitioner though, as I don't feel proficient enough at it and haven't focused on it yet. I do really enjoy it, though. The footwork, the speed, the exercises, etc. Seems very practical, especially since the stick could represent just about any weapon.
    I didn't call FMA LARPing at all, btw.
    Sorry if you misunderstood. :p
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