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    I've lived in Navarre since Dec 2007, but didn't start training until August of 2011. About to move actually, to Northern Virginia for a job.
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    Where do you practice bjj at? I'm in the same area.
  3. He made several wild claims. First, I asked him if he was a real medical doctor and he fully knowing what I was asking replied yes. Upon visiting his site I realized he's a homeopath or naturopath or something not a real doctor.
    He claimed to have never been sick ever in his life, he claimed to have cured aids and cancer with his vitamin treatments among other diseases. He stated he met people over 200 years old. I could go on...

    Run from this guy!
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    Yes, it was Steiger. For some reasons my responses aren't showing up on the page. What can you tell me about him?
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    Lmao. Nah, it's no problem man. I'm actually currently unemployed, looking though. I'm 22 and have been into the martial arts pretty much my entire life, though most of my training is in the deadly McDojo. Pretty excited to get my Judo training underway though.
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    FOR EVER!!!! *chi gerks some bad guy into a well*
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    wing chun 4 ever
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    Sure thing!
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    Yeah thanks mate, I just signed up today.
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    Hey, I've been pretty good! Working and playing! I've been doing a lot of kayaking this year. I did a little surfing but the waves and jelly's have keept me away for the most part. Yeah, I was thinking about heading over to it. What weight class are you competing in? How has your training been going? If I come that way I'll look for yah!
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"I do agree that "catching" a punch and turning it into a wristlock is nigh on impossible. I know it is in every HKD demo out there, but we who fight understand that that is just for show, not for go- like a french tickler."


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