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Elephant, Mizong, Luohan
Ehh....I don't particularly feel like disclosing
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Hm, I'm aware that I'm a newb on here and I'm going to make mistakes.... but screw it, this is much more accurate and....real than other martial arts sites even if you all are less....friendly....then again, that's more of a good thing, it means you
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Although my primary Style is Mizong and Luohan, I'm also kinda experienced in Bagua, and yes, of course elephant style exists, it's just else....I suppose that if you want me to be extremely detailed, I spent about a year or so learning Shuai Jiao but I only got the basics and didn't dive too deeply into it....which I regret because now my main weakness is my lack of ground fighting, grappling, etc. my sifu used to do Chi Sau exercises to augment Bagua because it accomplishes many of the things push hands does(we still did push hands) and uhh.....lastly, it would be....2+ experience with Choi Lei Fut....but I don't really count that because it was from ages 7-9 and I wasn't particularly passionate about martial arts until around 14.....
"The present time is a veritable goddess upon itself"


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