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    Anytime Fox, if you happen to go back there let him know that Jason S sent you.
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    Most of the 4th dans have been with him since they were children, Lisa is a full time instructor and David is a Kobudo instructor there. For the most part they do their Dan testing in the presence of Hanshi Nakazato and/or Kyoshi Noujam. Kyoshi Rowley if I remember correctly will only test 1st dan by himself or with other Dans from within the school. This way if they leave and go to another Shorin-Ryu school their papers are all signed by Hanshi and will be reckognized by other schools.
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    The slip in discipline was one of the reasons I left. When I originally went the school was very traditional with a hardline discipline policy. I left due to some personal issue and came back a few years later and things had changed a bit, the whole feeling was different. Just didn't feel like I belonged any longer, almost like I was from a previous generation. He is without a doubt though the best instructor I have ever had. I'm happy with my Gutterfighting now though.
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    Hey Fox - Do I have a preference? I can't really say, as far as Shorin-Ryu I have only studied Kobayahi, participated in some Shobayashi seminars with Kyoshi Hayes and done a little Matsubayashi with friends who studied it in the past. The one thing I apprectiate about Matsubayashi is the influence of Choki Motobu. I have a lot of respect for that man and what he did for Okinawa-te. I would study Matsubayashi/Koryu Uchinadi in Middle Island.
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    Fox - It has been a while since I attended the school. When I went it was extremely traditional and focused on the aspects of Shorin-Ryu in general. They do spar a lot. The senior ranks were allowed to go hard if they wanted. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask.
  6. Your right , hey I talked to Cheryl Murphy today on Facebook shes is on my Buds on the FB incredibly nice and very Humble. What is your name Ill tell her you say Hi
    mine is barry . OSU.
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    Try to not worry about style vs. style b.s. imo, or at least never take it seriously. I failed to do so that last time in YMAS, learn from my mistake, lol.
  8. tired of know it know nothings
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    Jesus foxguitar,
    if you want to give me an answer, please do that in a way that will enable me to see it too, OK?
    I knew you were suffering from a continuous brain-fart or lack of one brain to begin with, and it is proven that, you really are thick.
    You are a shame for all LEO's, actually.
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    lol read ur profile comments not everyone is nice =D

    i think your cool and like your opinions on most threads ^^
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