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About MrHuggables
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Muay Thai
Fairmont, WV
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I live in Fairmont, West Virginia, about 15-20 minute south of Morgantown, home of the Mountaineers! 8-) However, there's not much in the way of martial arts around here. : / West Virginia is not exactly "progressive" :P

I trained at a dojo about a mile from my house in karate, from 2nd grade till about 5th, until it eventually had to close down. However, I kept up with what I had learned in my own home dojo (aka my basement :D)and gradually, through watching many many many fight videos, moved into other martial arts by emulating and observing the pros do it. I eventually started watching more Muay Thai than any other style and began to take a huge interest in it, and thusly began practicing almost exclusively in that art. My friends got me into MMA, as many of them are state-champion wrestlers, and so in sparring with them i started to branch out my previously all-striking resume into grappling and groundwork as well.

Now I know most of this is not formal, dojo/gym training, b


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