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    Nice one, have you competed or do you think you will?

    I've bumped an old beer thread incase anyone's around.
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    Havent seen you guys I mean. Typing on an iPhone is a bastard.
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    Hello mate, I'm all good thanks. Ive final taken up a grappling art and am a lowly Judo red belt and I love it, wish I would have taken it up years ago. Are you still training?

    I'm living and working in Kent now but I can get to London easily enough on a Friday so I'd definitely be up for some beers. I have seen you or Sam or Ben o here for ages and thought you'd all binned it, it would be good to catch up.
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    That's some great stuff mate. I like the sci-fi concept and johnuskglass, the first has that old school oil painting you used to get on a lot of magazine covers and the second has more of a modern comic cover feel to it, even if it's work in progress. You've got that transition from canvas to screen which I still can't do, bastard! ;-)
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    Hi Dan,

    Hope you're well. Have you got a link to your portfolio, if you wouldn't mind me having a butchers?

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VFX Assistant/Concept Artist.
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MMA/Sub Grap currently at
London Shootfighters.

BJJ under Leo Negeo.

Boxing - a few months
Wing Chun/Tsun - I want my money back!
Shotokan Karate.
"I would rather die than taiste vegetables" - Crop Cop.

"I've got Tiger Blood" - Charlie Sheen

"I was thrown out of college for cheating on the metaphysics exam; I looked into the soul of the boy next to me."
Woody Allen


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