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About Disobizqit
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Judo/S.E.Asian Arts
Other Interests and Information:
Student of conflict and tools used. Paterfamilias. Forever undergrad.
Floatsam by birth, yet to be derelict by choice seeking to be a worthy vessel by effort.
Martial Arts Experience:
Was a bit of a "Gong Fu"booge in my youth. I think I was green beltish in TKD as a tween, then moved to JKD as a teen with a little Wing Chun, Tai Chi, and Hung Ga for spice-one half pepper or star. Floated about like chop socky driftwood in my twenties. A few weeks of Aikido:Aikikai, semester of Kendo:AUSKF/IKF/AJKF and Judo:Olympic in my late 20's and early 30's with a few classes of Southeast Asian martial arts when I could find or afford them. Basically just a dojo bunny for 20 years looking for that "special something" of an art or Miyagi/S.E.A.L. teacher. I learned if you don't bring it you won't find it. I love the arts certainly but I came to realize my love stagnated in adolescence and never matured past youthful fancies peddled by HollyWOO. Regardless of love, I was shite mostly. My upbringing did not include lessons on the meaning of hard work or excellence through effort. Now as a new father I aim to teach my weens how quality of character will enrich their time here and the inherent bounty of perseverance and self-knowledge. WEW! Hope the readers are wearing their wellies! I just want to show my brood how to work hard for the things that matter to you. I also just want to protect them and be there for them years from now.


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