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About Liger
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I like women. And socks.
IT Tech
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Mostly trained with family,friends in exchange for doing work since I was a kid. Started with bits from military guys and an old guy teaching until I found schools that had what I wanted. From there just looked at anything MA related to find what works for me and makes sense. I've learned enough to know valid things when I see them and that I'm an ok fighter. I value combat effectiveness(wpns N tactics too) AND mental health. That's what I look for. The moment the mental state/behavior of students at a dojo send me the wrong message, I know there is something wrong there( a sign of lacking discipline? Probably. And I mean mental discipline, more than just sticking to training. Sounds like I buy into the morals of parables/folk tales? I do.) I do NOT buy into mysticism. I spend time sparring and training with people in different styles to keep up. Never trust what an opponent shows you. It's a mask.
Unfortunately, experience and rank are not always the same thing. Please remember, without the nuts to spar, there can be no nutriding


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