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    Serge, re: frottage. You wouldn't believe the half of it. He is a ref in the SFL in canada. He is a BJJ guy and hates catch guys. So after the event he posts saying Kris' guys suck etc. Kris takes his beginners (well, he used to) to that event becuase it was a good start for them. Then this dick goes online and publicly humiliates them. So now they don't want to go anymore. What kind of person does that ****?
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    Honestly, [your avatar] has always reminded me of early pictures of my mother (without the pose/swim suit). Oh my God!!!! Mom without a swim suit, you are SICK!!!!

    avatar is Brigitte Bardot at 17
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    Oh and I got banned for saying - "Dadddy he swore at me" not by having a cry that you called me some sort of homosexual un gentlemanlike person you silly old turd.
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    It's been fun "hurling pointless insults" time to take a break.
    Thanks for the pointers
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    The thing I couldnt take about wing chun is the publicity. After I mastered the wooden dummy man set, its like everyone wanted a piece of me, like i won the superbowl, i always had to give interviews.
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    Thank you. You and Sambo Steve got me interested in your art by your witty replies, tempered by reason. I'll see you around in other postings.
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    You meant that in a manly fashion right? we don't have to discuss manscaping or stuff like that?

    Thanks dude.
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    I'm adding you as a friend so I can start using that Home link at the top.
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    hello, i saw your location was north of San francisco. I might possibly be living around there for a year starting september and I was looking for a good school to do some standup and ground training. Sambo was particularily interesting to me. does your school have a website? Bolinis is the town I may be hanging out in. Is that close, or are there other schools that you would reccomend in that area if that is too distant?

    Thanks for the help, Liam
  10. yeah, I thought it was suspicious/hilarious that Phrost put a link to PM you @ the front page article. To give you more bullshit traffic to deal with?
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