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About Arctic_Fox

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About Arctic_Fox
Primary Style:
Fanchento (Fan Zee Dao)
Indolent student
Martial Arts Experience:
2 years Shotokan
4 years Judo
3 years Goshin Ryu
1 year Goju Ryu
1 year Krav Maga
4 years Fanchento Kung-Fu
5 minutes ITF TKD (I was there for the hot chicks...honest!)

In case you don't know:

Goshin Ryu is a school of Ju-jitsu, I only know a few others outside of it, and none of them are at all similar.

Goju Ryu is a school of Karate with Ju-jitsu influence. More circular motions.

The Krav I did was adapted to the way I already moved, so can't claim to be a purist.

Fanchento (Fan Zee Dao) Kung-Fu was formed by an understudy of Bruce Lee, Edward Liang. It's essentially JKD with Ju-jitsu mixed in. It's meant to be both evolving and highly individualized, so what instructor X taught ten years ago will be different to what instructor Y is teaching now. Theoretically. It's been accused of being too open and lacking a formal syllabus.

The TKD school that I trained at had some serious babes! I couldn't say no! But at least they were recepitve to being taught grappling
I hate quotations. Tell me what you know.


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