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About losttortoise
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JKDC (FMA/Silat focus)
Central (Midway) Kentucky
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I was pretty once
PACS Administrator
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I last trained at Analytical Fighting Systems in Richmond, Kentucky. I was there from 1996 to early 2001. I went back in 2003, but I didn't stay. JKD Concepts ala Inosanto. Now, I train less than I should and mostly run around in FMA and Silat circles. I have a backyard group that I share my mad style with, for free, about three nights a week.
My background includes an Isshinryu black belt (attained in 1986 and I haven't thought about Karate since.) I also enjoyed a bit of success on the amateur kickboxing circuit in the mid and late eighties. Did some Long Fist Kung Fu, Yang Tai Chi, Seven Star Mantis, *gulp* Monkey Kung Fu and a smattering of other stuff over the years as well. At this point, I am out of shape and old as well as noncommital.
"You are a citizen of a great and powerful nation. Are you not ashamed that you give so much time to the pursuit of money, and reputation, and honors, and care so little for truth and wisdom and the improvement of your soul?" Socrates


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