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    It's a slow-moving train wreck, isn't it? I've done a good job of resisting lately, but it is hard sometimes.

    How are things with you and Danielle? Have you found a place to practice?
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    I'd stay away from Black Dragon if I were you..Paul's teaching credentials are questionable at best. Most of the guys I have met from his school couldn't fight worth a damn.Also, his school is out in the boonies and if you don't have a car your screwed for getting there because there are no buses out there.
    Adrenaline is standard MMA training..its the cats meow nowadays as this is very popular.
    In the end it all depends what you are looking for.I am almost forty and have done a lot of stuff over the years...if you already have decent stand up skills, my advice would be to work your ground game to become more well rounded..or vice versa. The short fist style was developed for koshu by Lee Pai and refined by Mike and he passed it on to us over the years - But it does take time..more time than it would take if you were to just do MMA and acquire a basic skillset.
    Again, it all depends on your goals.
    Best of luck. If you drop by the school don't be afraid to drop my name.
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    Hi Stoodawg- just to be clear, I no longer train with CAACMA. I was there for quite a few years and ended up leaving over 'politics' - but the school is pretty good for CMA. When I was there, we had tough workouts and sparred semi regularly with and without gloves and gear.I would recommend calling ahead and going in for a workout on a Thursday. We used to go to Throwdowns (well, guys who had some time in, not everyone) when I was there, but I am not sure if they do anymore.
    If you are a CMA guy, they are the best club in London - in my opinion. Mike is old school and a bit of a grump -but underneath it all he's a really good man who has put a lot of time and effort into his training.
    Good luck in your search. I am not on Bullshido much these days, its actually just luck that I even got your message.
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Practiced Wado-Ryu many years ago in North East of Scotland. More recently studied Kung Fu at SCMA in Berkley, MI.

Haven't found anywhere to practice in London yet, but still hopefull.


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