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    Do you know those freaks or something? The poekoelan guys?
  2. Thanks Iakona, I'll probably be out at the end of June and early July this summer. Meex said that we aught to have a throwndown.

    The picture has Frank Ordonez second from the left, and I think that that's Choi on the end. He, like me, started with Kiyohisa Hirano Sensei of Wado-ryu in HNL, many years ago. I just thought that it was a cool picture.
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    Aloha Fug,

    If I may ma ha oi, the guy you were referring to who had a school in Kahala is Don Crummer. His student Kelii Estaban has a branch school in Palolo now.

    By the way, that's a handsome bunch of folks in the pic to the right entitled Hawaiian Kenpo. Do you know them or who they are? I'm curious where you may have gotten that pic from.
  4. Hello kajukine, I hope this is where I respond? Anyhoo, when I worked out with Kajukenbo Self Defense Institute on Punchbowl St. a couple years ago (at the Royal School - I reviewed this and Universal Kempo Karate in reviews section) a high ranking instructor who has a school in Kahala came in for awhile. He was a nice guy, or at least seemed so, maybe he was inviting me to his school just to beat the **** out me? I don't know who he is, I'll ask Meex, who knows everyone in HI. I was a student of Instructor Steve Davis, of Logan Utah back in the seventies, and he was certified under Gaylord and Vargas. We paid our dues ($12, which was a lot for me back then) to Vargas. Years later I was wearing my Kaju gi and a Kaju bb got in my face saying what was I doing wearing their patches. I said I had paid my dues to Vargas and he shut up.

    UKKSA has a branch in Kaimuki, but nothing in Kahala or Hawaii Kai.
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    Saw some of your posts, I also am from Gaylord/Vargas/Juarez liniage. I started with Vargas in 1968 and went with James in 1975 when he branched out on his own. was just wondering if you were there in those years?? on another note Im coming home for a family wedding in june and am staying in hawaii kai/ Kahala so was wondering where to train/visit/teach Im gonna try and hook up with Jason Groff and Sifu Al I hope.. any way just wondering if I knew you....
    Ron Esteller
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    If your ever in northern Ky Hit me up my friend owns a mma gym (IRON FIST GYM (Maysville KY)) we could hang there for the day. And ill introduce you to a few fellow bullies. One of my best friend is in love with Kyokushin, hes been trying to find a school here in KY with no luck. It would make his day if you came down to hang out, and work with us/him. We could even buy you dinner.
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    I have a few questions regarding your MA list regarding Hawaii if you don't mind (if you still live there, that is)

    Recently moved to Oahu (IE past 3-4 months). Its MA heaven, but I'm near the Wahiawa region and its a pain to commune. I've been looking for Kyokushin yet hit a wall as the only known "active" practice spot is down at Kanewai and I have a hard time contacting their instructor.

    Know of any other active Kyokushin-IKO1 dojos, or good kumite spots? Thanks in advance
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    Sorry, I was just on Hawaii was hoping to meet up with you. I would have liked to see Shihan Lowes school.
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