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October 18, 1987 (30)
About Kudo
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Daido juku Kudo
Other Interests and Information:
I like indian food and ushira-mawashigeri's
Martial Arts Experience:
I started off learning olympic TaeKwonDo in Egypt until I reached my 2nd red belt (dont know which kyu that is because my teacher himself didnt know o_O). I got kicked out at my belt testing for busting my opponents collarbone by accident... Yeah in Egypt theyre pretty touchy about injuries and ****. I then moved from style to style seeing whats out there. I tried Judo, Aikido, Qin na and Arnis (Eskrima). I still couldnt find any of them completely satisfactory to what I was looking for in a martial art until I came across this little garage next to my place in Cairo that was modified into a dojo. There I started to learn some Kickboxing with a lot of Brazilian Jiu Jutsu and Kyokushin toughening. Mainly my sensei only taught bodyguards and bouncers but he made an exception for me. Finally I found a fullcontact dojo in Egypt. Two years after I moved to the emirates to go to college. I was devastated because of the Emirates' stricter rules about full contact fighting. Until I found one b


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