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About mingkalat
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Lotus Self-Defense
lafayette, LA
Other Interests and Information:
above all else, I respect free will
Martial Arts Experience:
First, I'd like to set the record strait about the style I study. It is not White Lotus Kung Fu. Lotus is not just any number of styles thrown together. Our founder; Ajarn Precha Mahachanavong was a Tai boxer in Thailand during the 60's and 70's and created lotus after training in KenpoKarate, Aikido, and Judo as well. He gave the style it's name because of the many petals of the lotus flower, representing the different styles. Therefore, Lotus is a combination of those four arts and completely self-defense oriented, while still maintaining a large spiritual component. My instructor trained under the founder in Ubon, Thailand while stationed there for the the U.S. Air Force in the 70's. My instructor, who has been teaching Lotus for 30 yrs + around the world, also recieved a black belt in Hapkido in Korea, so my training has that influence as well. Unfortunately, Lotus is very unheard of, and from what I have experianced, most of what is known about the style is completely fal
this is a quote from a friend named chris: "ranking systems......make me wanna drink.
My Dojo/School Review:
Mac Petry's Lotus Self-Defense School. (no official website)


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