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About Porcelain_Ninja
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At the doh-jaw, sleeping beneath the moldy tatami
Other Interests and Information:
MA enthusiast and hoplologist wannabe.
Student (hah! only if the subject is beer yeast)
Martial Arts Experience:
A qualified expert on getting the living **** beaten out of him (in a combative, non-masochistic kind'a way), Porcelain_Ninja will stop at nothing to become the King of Bullshido, eventually even opening his own McDojang to educate the ignorant masses and help relieve the weight of their wallets.
Trademark Move: Jagged toenail to the jugular - 100% letal - 100% of the time!

PS: Has great consideration for Ashida Kim and will suport him stalwartly whenever is legitimate legacy is questioned by the forum heathens.
"And it had two shadows, it was two things: it was the need and it was the method. The need was obvious: to defeat what opposed its life. The method was that taking and bending of materials and people to one purpose, the outlook that everything could be used in the fight; that nothing could be excluded, that everything was a weapon, and the ability to handle those weapons, to find them and choose which one to aim and fire; that talent, that ability, that use of weapons."
- Iain M. Banks, [i]Use of Weapons/[i]


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