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About kultist
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BJJ, JJJ, Judo
Somerset, UK
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Did Judo roughly once a fortnight for years, lots of gaps due to illness. Started going two or three times a week at different clubs and got a very basic level of skill. Got into taekwondo a few months later, didn't like sloppy teaching or no contact sparring, so i moved into Karate. Teaching was better, but i hate Kata and point sparring, so i found a jujutsu (half brazillian half japanese, everyone there are mad cagefighting fans) club. Groundwork is excellent but there is no standing sparring, so i'm trying to find a good boxing club to swap for karate.
[quote=1point2]Do not pass Royce, do not collect UFC tapes, go directly to crappling.[/quote]

[quote=3moose1]Anyway, guys, whats the point of whining about the color of our belts?

If you prick a blackbelt, does he not Ura Nage you?[/quote]


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