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August 19, 1963 (54)
About Bran Lydster
Primary Style:
Full Contact Ju Jutsu
Doncaster UK
Other Interests and Information:
I train at CMMA at civic centre carp park mezzanine floor on saturday from 11:00 till 12:30 Taijutsu, and sunday 1030 till 12 - judo... joining in with other classes every now and again....
Management systems assessor, working for Lloyds
Martial Arts Experience:
Started boxing as a youth, then joined the Royal air force and took up Judo with the BJC while continuing with boxing as a senior, met Jack McKeown of Taijutsu International in 1986 after taking my judo black belt and have stuck with Ju Jutsu ever since, trained/ran a club under Stuart Hursts guidance in Muay Thai in 1993-1995 ish, always open to looking at new stuff and re-evaluating what i do am now teaching my own classes twice a week , in the past I have entered most types of grappling tournaments at one time or another, mostly losing but learning a lot all the time, now a 7th dan in JuJutsu (with UK Taijutsu AMA) out of shape after focussing on work for the last 2 years
"Its not our talents that define us, its our choices, what we are capable of doing isnt the real us, what we do is". Dumbledore

"Empty hand techniques are only for the times when you have been foolish enough to find yourself without a weapon."
W.E. Fairbairn

To sum it up lets look at it this way. What kind of guy usually does well in sports? Competitive, highly motivated, focused, pain tolerant, highly conditioned, strong and has way too much testosterone.

Now take that guy, and tell him he can bite, eye gouge, pick something up and hit his opponent with it, and you have an animal that most people cannot handle. -Paul Sharp


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