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About senpaibigjonson
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Taekwondo,Shou shu, BJJ,
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im 13 years of age, I'm half canadian half italian, I LOVE PIZZA AND COD (CallOfDuty) and I'm a furry......yep that was something(s) cringe worthy about me :/
no job just a student. i do chores around the dodging, just... no job at all
Martial Arts Experience:
i was in grade 5, a kid that was reckless and needed to be settled my autism was moderate at the time and i was angry, all the time, luckily i had the audacity to have interest in bruce lee and i thought he was amazing so i enrolled in a martial arts school (a dojang to be exact) and i wanted to take martial arts so that way i would beat up my erw (educational resource worker) but as i did 1 class i was more calmer that ever and realized that my actions were incorrect, and i was a better child than ever. couple years later when i was a blue belt in taekwondo my dad enrolled me in bjj, since my dad lives in barrie and i live somewhere in ontario (not telling private information) i don't go to barrie that much, but then i meet a new friend named yang, he is a orential guy who has very good manners and taught me a lot of stuff about life. we talked and i then realized that he did kempo at the place my dad thought i could do jiu jitsu at. he went to the dojo and he said to the instructors that he knew me and he wanted me to not only join bjj but also kempo once every 3 months. i was so happy. the time close to my red stripe i had interest in a martial art called show shu. it looked fascinating to me and i wanted to learn but i couldn't find a kwon (training gym) near me, until i found online classes and i loved it. so... thats my ma history.

a wise man can learn from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer
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